10 Proven Tips To Up The SEO Game For Your Linkedin Business Account

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Imagine getting a haircut and no one noticing it let alone complimenting you on your new look! If your efforts do not get the attention, you lose hope and motivation. Quite similarly, when you do not get the expected number of leads or job applicants after you have updated your profile on a social media platform like LinkedIn, it can be exasperating. That is where SEO comes in to bridge the gap and make you more visible.

Today, LinkedIn is the best professional network in the world where you can promote your company and establish connections. Check out these fantastic stats to know what I’m talking about. The platform can also help you drive traffic to your website, by sharing blogs and important news on your site. But all of the above will become a reality only when you update and optimize your company profile to get a higher ranking on the search engine.

Optimizing your company’s account on LinkedIn isn’t as hard as it may seem. I have come up with the best 10 tips that are sure to bring in more traffic and views to your profile.

  • Get your keywords right

Every buyer and prospective job applicant search for the things they want using keywords. Unless you optimize the activities you take up or the content you post with the keywords, you are not going to come up in the searches. Most often entrepreneurs make the fatal mistake of using random keywords, but you should be different. I suggest that you identify the most-searched keywords and phrases that your audience uses while searching for the type of products and services that you offer. You can use thesesites to identify the keywords relevant to your company.

  • Connect More

LinkedIn is a ‘social’ media platform, so you may as well use the platform to connect with as many as people you can. It is just a simple calculation of probability. The more people you are connected to, the more are your chances of appearing in searches. So, connect with everyone you know (also with people you do not know). Just try to detect the fake accounts and try to avoid them. After all, you just do not want to have several people on your profile but a few likes on your posts as well.

  • Name and label the company page images

At times, the search engines display image results for the keyword searches. So, you must label all the pictures you upload with the relevant keywords so that your company’s photo shows up when people search for those terms. That also applies to the person who manages the company page. The headshot, as well as the background banner used in the profile of the page manager should be labeled with the name of the person along with the designation he holds in the company.

  • Use text in your links

Generally, a company page has the option to add three website links. Now, of course, a default URL will be the link to the company’s website. For the other two boxes, I suggest that you fill it up with the most searched keywords for your company products and services and link them using the URL of your brand’s website. The keywords and the phrases will give your audience an idea of what they can expect and where the link takes them. This way, a user will know that the brand offers writing services from academic writers.

  • Leverage the headline 

Usually, a headline includes what your company does and what are the solutions (as in products and services) that they offer. I have an added tip that you can do if you want to enhance the visibility of your profile. You can use the specific keywords in the headline. Having said that, do remember that the placement of the keywords should not look forced. Make sure that you include keywords and phrases about your area of specialization. Now that would be a little difficult considering that the character limit is set to a meager 120 characters. I have a trick up my sleeve that you can use. Try to edit the headline on your mobile, and you will be able to add 90 more characters. Try these ideas to take your headline from boring to memorable.

  • Utilize the Experience Section

If you are the page manager of your company’s profile, then simply listing your job designation in the Experience section isn’t enough. If you want to tap the potential of LinkedIn as a recruiting medium, then you need to add keywords and phrases next to your title. For example, if you are an academic writer, then you can write the title as Academic Writer| Subject Matter Experts so that you can come up in the searches of candidates searching for jobs as an assignment writer.

  • Customize your personal LinkedIn URL

Generally, LinkedIn assigns a URL with automatic characters when you sign up, but it also gives the option of editing and personalizing it. You can try to accommodate the keywords in the URL for your company’s profile. Customizing your LinkedIn can help you pop up in more search results when people search for you using those keywords. Moreover, there might be brands with similar sounding names as yours. In that case, an added word would help you distinguish your company’s page from the others.

  • Collaborated projects and publications

If your company has contributed content in other company pages or written posts for Guest Post sites and they have been published, then you can tag the profiles of those companies as well. This will give you the added benefit of showing up on their profile too and thus help you expand your network. You will emerge in more search results, and therefore your base of prospective buyers will increase too. 

  • Use the LinkedIn Publisher

Another great way to increase your visibility is by publishing original content through LinkedIn Publisher. In the blog posts, you can address the problems your users’ face and as a solution, you can talk about your products and connect them to your profile. Make sure that you use the relevant keywords in the title and the text of your articles to be able to show up in searches related to the key phrases. You can follow this guide to publish concise content through LinkedIn Publisher.

  • Get recommendations

Every time someone writes you a recommendation and you publish it on your profile with the tag, you show up on their profile too. It is like a bonus where you not only get to show off a positive review but also be found by more users, thus increasing your visibility and network. You can even ask your clients and employees to write recommendations citing your company’s name.

In the end, remember that once you start a company page, you need to keep it active. Be consistent in your activities so that your users do not forget you. And to check whether your efforts are yielding the desired results or not, you can use the ‘Insights’ tab on your profile to monitor your page. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to market your business as well as get better employees. Implement the above tips and use it well.

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Author Bio: Shirley Brown is a social media planner who is currently associated with one of the top assignment help brands MyAssignmenthelp. Besides being an active blogger, she is also a certified mountaineer and a ghost writer.