ZB Exchange provides multiple crypto staking services

Bitcoin and gold
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Staking means locking up a digital asset in a reliable blockchain network. Since his method secures a blockchain network, users who stake coins get block rewards as minted coins. You can grow them to future rewards. Staking crypto is common for investors who want to get interested in their holdings. You can also check Dan Hollings the plan to get more necessary information about investing.

Bitcoin and gold
Image Source: Freepik.com

Recent trends in Bitcoin

As crypto is becoming secure, regulated, and transparent, it is accompanied by changes. Some of the trends include:

1. Tax regulations

This is the main topic in the cryptocurrency community. The taxes are not yet common, but they are welcome in some nations.  As a result, government revenue is rising than the last time. In addition, identification and verification through Know your customer allow you to track transactions. There are also monitoring tools developed tools for exchanging information amend transactions to the government. This indicates that the crypto world is changing faster.

2. Crypto crisis

In December 2020, the cost of Bitcoin was $34,000. It led to the growth of demand andthe over-market supply of stable coins Tether or USDT.  This is used to control 70% of trading on digital asset exchanges. This can be compared to printing in the traditional economy; excess money in the market causes inflation and devaluation.

3. Improvement of risk assessment models

It is difficult for users to assess the risks of crypto investment. Therefore, there is a need to implement top-notch tools for risk assessment. Besides that, traders are recommended to consider risks that can affect or raise Bitcoin.

4. Change of transaction costs

Bitcoin transactions will rise in price or become cheap since there isthe latest technology. Cost operation changes can affect the crypto interest. Besides, this trend will be determined by the speed and spread of Bitcoin’s payment.

5. 5G network will change the industry

5G is the new network technology. It will lead to a reinvention of new concepts, services and will affect DeFi applications and how mining is created. Furthermore, the network will allow unlimited management of transactions.  For instance, 5G offers ultra-low latency; hence it can interchange high-frequency trading if the computer makes investment decisions.

6. Reduce the cost of owning crypto

Implementation of crypto taxes will attract jurisdiction that will make users reduce the cost of owning crypto legally.  This factor will be likely in countries like Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Switzerland, where the IT and financial market is developed.

ZB provides users with staking service

ZB is not only a crypto trading platform but also a staking. It offers users staking services. The DPoS staking mining provides traders with stable income for cryptocurrency investment.

This model makes users treat coins balance as votes. Henceforth, the voting power is equal to the number of coins held. Voters elect delegates who manage blockchain networks on behalf of voters to ensure safety. Staking rewards are given to choose delegates who share part of the rewards to voters based on individual contributions.

What is the staking in ZB

ZB allows users to enjoy freedom in staking many coins with high interest. Some of the coins include DOT, ATOM, EOS, UFC, and QETH. The only thing traders must do is hold the coins on the ZB exchange and wait for staking rewards. You can check the estimated annual yield percentage.