Will It Fit Me? Size n Fit is Solving This Puzzle for Apparel Brands Using Machine Learning

Jayesh Badani
Jayesh Badani, Founder and CEO, Size n Fit

Will it fit me? This is the ever asked and irritating question for both the customers and the brands. It is also an unpleasant experience for a buyers and seller when it comes to return the apparel due to loose or tight fitting. Size n Fit ingests and analyzes large-scale technical data sets on the basis of simple and readily available inputs from the shoppers and suggests the best fit using AI and Machine Learning algorithm. In short, Size n Fit is an AI & ML based widget that can be placed on any product page of eCommerce store.

It is super easy to begin. Apparel retailers include few lines of code on their product pages, this will enable buyer to check how best that apparel fits him/her vis−a−vis the sample apparel he/she owns. Alternatively shoppers can also provide Height, Weight and Body Shape.

We had an exclusive interview with Jayesh Badani, Founder and CEO, Size n Fit. Here are the excerpts.

Proche: Tell me about the time you realized you had to start this company?

Jayesh Badani: I think it was over few months when few of our closed group friends agreed to the problem statement I had put forward regarding the challenges of size and fit while shopping online. That followed with a proposed solution, a ppt prototype. Eventually a time came we thought we can make this a start-up.

Proche: Shed some light on the challenges brands face in the market and how do you address them?

Jayesh Badani: Challenges are well known to all of us who shop online, every brand has a different sizing standards and cut matters too, and this is so for a good reason, we all have different bodies and it is not possible to have 1000 sizes to cover all. So essentially it is a challenge for a shopper, but any challenge faced by a shopper is also a challenge worth solving by the brand.

Proche:Is it worth integrating this widget? Please justify. How apparel brands can be benefited by setting up the same?

Jayesh Badani: We are trying to move the needle of customer experience in terms of size selection from its current state to far better experience state. In other words primary task of our widget is to deliver correct size recommendations. Once this is done, brands can see measurable benefits like increased conversion ratio and reduced return ratio.

Proche: Please share some insights on Size n Fit’s product pipeline for the rest of the year

Jayesh Badani: We recently launched calibration module for our enterprise customers. We also launched our widget on android and iOS. Currently we are working on making widget available in offline stores. We also might get into B2C marketplace with “Find apparel that fit” as a theme later this year.