Why Your Car Charger is Dangerous

Fiora car charger

Can a product as simple as a car charger be dangerous? Yes, it can. Not only can a bad charger damage your phone, but also your car. Besides, the worst-case-scenario is a fire caused by the malfunction. However, you can avoid all this by using a safe and reliable car charger.

So, how does a faulty charger damage a phone? It’s simple – a faulty adapter can cause your battery to overheat, and this will lead to the damaging of components. Therefore, it is imperative that you know if, when, and why your car charger is dangerous.

If it Lacks Certification

A genuine car charger should have certification from international regulatory bodies. For instance, most products have a CCC, FCC, CE, UL, and USB-IF certification. This shows that the electronic product went through testing to ascertain quality.

If your car charger happens to miss these certifications, then chances are that it is fake. When an electronic product fails to meet such standards, it is only a matter of time before damage occurs.

Doesn’t Have a Guarantee from an Insurance Company

Although not a major requirement, it would be best if you ensured the charger has a guarantee. It should cover the consumer rights, performance, and the safety of usage. You’ll have a greater peace of mind, as any occurrence when using the charger falls under the insurance cover.

Your Car Charger Has the Wrong Output

The amperage of your car charger is crucial. Most fake chargers have the wrong amperage, which ends up damaging devices. The amperage of a car charger is the level of electric current it uses to charge devices.

Basically, the higher the output of the car charger is, the more power it has. However, there’s one problem – it should neither be too high nor too low. Most devices, including mobile phones and tablets, only require just about one amp to charge at standard speeds.

Nonetheless, some devices, such as iPhones need about 2.1 amps to charge efficiently. Therefore, you’ll have to consider this when purchasing the car charger. You don’t want to buy one that ends up destroying your pricey device’s charging system.

In addition, you’ll need to consider how many devices you plan to use on the charger. If it can’t handle multiple devices all at the same time, then you might cause damage to the car’s port.

Your Car Charger Isn’t Compatible with Most Phones

Compatibility is key when choosing a car charger. You’re probably not going to use it alone after all. Besides, even if you plan to use it by yourself, you may have several devices, which will still need to charge. There’s nothing more annoying than buying a USB car charger that isn’t compatible with your device(s).

One way to ensure that the car charger you buy is compatible with your devices is to check the specifications. Moreover, you need to ensure that it works well with your car cigarette port. Incompatibility can lead to the damage of your phone or car.

Benefits of Using a Safe Car Charger

You have seen what extent of damage a dangerous car charger can cause. And we hope that you have recognized the need to get a safe and reliable charger. But what are the advantages of having a durable and safe car charger?

Charge More Than One Device

Charging multiple devices is an advantage you don’t want to miss. For instance, you can juice up your phone and tablet all at the same time. However, the type of USB charger you buy will depend on the output you need for your devices. Preferably, go for a universal car phone charger, as this will allow you to charge several devices at a go. It also helps you save time you would have rather wasted waiting for each device to charge.

Charge Easily While on Transit

We take our devices with us everywhere we go. Therefore, we need a more sustainable option of keeping them juiced up, even when out there. Having a car charger with you can be a great way of always having your battery at a good level anywhere, anytime. Besides, you could get stranded in the middle of nowhere, and have your phone go off. Wouldn’t it be great then, if you had a quick charge option to boost your phone?

No More Cancelled Calls

A dead battery can embarrass you, and thwart your plans. Imagine a case where you were discussing a potential business deal and the phone goes off. It would distract your attention and probably even mess up the deal.

However, having a car charger with you means that you’ll always have a decent battery level at all times.

Final Thoughts

In summary, it is imperative that you get the best car charger. Buying a fake variant can ruin your safety, device, and even car altogether.