Why Should a Company Invest in App Development?

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In the current market realities, companies that really care about keeping up with the times know for a fact that a dedicated app or website is a necessary business measure. However, if a website alone used to be quite enough for business representation online, nowadays, mobile app development for business is considered to be the ultimate way to advance one’s brand.

Even the most feature-heavy site wouldn’t be able to replace the level of user interaction a regular modern smartphone can provide. Moreover, as opposed to dedicated applications, websites can never be accessed offline. But let’s dive a bit deeper and consider particular benefits app development for small business brings.

How Do Companies Manage to Boost Sales via Launching Dedicated Apps?

How exactly can mobile app development for small businesses give a significant push for further growth and development?

#1 Target audience loyalty boost.

When a user downloads and installs your app on their smartphone, they automatically become up-to-date with everything your business has to offer. This ensures the most unobtrusive involvement of users in your services, increasing user loyalty as such. Push notifications, for instance, can do wonders. They are a cross between email and SMS mailing, only 

  • They are better at grabbing the user attention – the user simply can’t lose sight of the message that appears even on the smartphone lock screen;
  • Integration of the automated push notifications feature is much cheaper than using regular SMS messages for the newsletter; 
  • It is a really handy way to inform users about limited offers, such as promotions, discounts, special offers, etc. All in all, push notifications are a “golden mean” among all other types of a newsletter. Of course, a bunch of other dedicated app traits helps to increase audience loyalty as well, like personalization elements, integration with third-party software and services, etc.

#2 Increased average check.

If you implement a commercial application, you get a sure efficient way to expand your usual sources of income and, eventually, increase the average check size. That’s why “cunning” entrepreneurs usually offer very beneficial discount coupons for downloading or simply using the app, organizing various promo campaigns and asking to invite friends. Thus, applications can smoothly grow the level of business income with a minimum of effort involved.

#3 Improved brand awareness.

Obviously, the hyped-up nature of the technologies used in mobile development can attract a new share of the target audience interested in the latest IT trends alone. At one time, the IKEA dedicated app that featured augmented reality capabilities was downloaded simply “for fun” by hundreds of thousands of users. You can achieve such a hype with your software as well if you involve some kind of innovative, an advanced technological concept in it. Companies create apps and educational games for kids. And this is a very subtle psychological move. After all, parents cannot refuse children, right?

#4 Better competitive ability.

App development for business is a kind of status attribute for a particular business. Indeed, when you have your own mobile application, it implicitly indicates that your company is doing well, you are growing and expanding. You may as well proceed in the reverse order – launch the application in order to go past your competitors and establish yourself as a top company in a specific business niche.

What Can Your Business Do in This Aspect Right Now?

If you don’t have a trusted dedicated team of developers in reach right now, you can start writing a business plan for app development. To do this, it is very important to study the existing solutions of competitors, identify the general trends in mobile development, and understand what user issues your future solution will be able to help solve. Having these plans in hand, you can safely start looking for a company that would be able to clearly and efficiently translate your ideas into efficient mobile software.

Looking for Experts to Implement Your Business Mobile App? Let Us Handle It!

App development for business can become the next round of your company’s development, helping to expand your target audience, increase customer engagement, boost client trust and, of course, bring you even more income than ever before. We will be happy to help you implement all this in life. 

At Gravum, we have some top-notch software specialists working in the best company for mobile app development who will create you a high-quality, useful, attention-grabbing solution to fit your business niche and exceed the expectations of your customers.

An article by: Gary Blaisdell