Why is renewable energy important for the future?

Renewable energy illustration

The need for renewable energy is increasing day by day. That is why it has become a more important topic of discussion than ever. Businesses, individuals, and governments are increasingly realizing the benefits that come with renewable energy. You are probably wondering why solar panels installation and wind turbines have become a common sight. Well, it is because they have been identified as important for the future. If you want to find out more, be sure to keep reading this article!

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is directly sourced from natural resources. That means it can be derived without having to deplete the planet’s resources. Renewable energy is derived from sunlight, wind, rain, biomass, or tides. It is always available in many forms, and almost everyone can have access.

What are the types of renewable energy?

  • Wind energy. Wind energy is derived from the wind.
  • Solar energy is from the sunlight. It involves two main technologies, including solar photovoltaic (using light from the sun) and solar thermal, using the heat from the sun.
  • Hydroelectric energy. Energy derived from freshwater currents.
  • Biomass and biogas. Energy derived from organic material.
  • Geothermal energy is extracted from inside the earth.
  • Wave energy is that obtained from ocean waves.
  • Tidal energy. Energy obtained from tides.
  • Biodiesel is organic fuel obtained from vegetable oils and is designed mainly for vehicles.
  • Bioethanol. Energy obtained from vegetation fermentation. This energy is suitable for running vehicles.

Why is renewable energy important for the future?

There are many reasons why renewable energy is important for our future. They include:

For improved global health

The air we breathe is polluted. The most affected groups are those living in cities and impoverished areas like slums.  Did you know that approximately 7 million people die every year because of respiratory infections? This is according to the World Health Organization. It is because of the polluted air we are busy breathing.

The burning of fossil fuels is the main reason for this problem. Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the air that we breathe. Apart from breathing problems, polluted air and water also cause increased heart attacks, premature death, cancer, and other life-threatening conditions.

Renewable energy sources do not pollute the environment. That is why we don’t have to worry about these health problems when we make use of wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems. They generate energy without emitting harmful gases that pollute air or water. Of course, other sources like geothermal emit some air pollutants. But their emissions can’t be compared to those from coal or natural gas plants.

We will experience fewer floods and droughts in future

Burning fossil fuels require a lot of water. If this continues, we are increasing the risk of having more droughts in the future. The use of other energy technologies also leads to climate change causing floods.

We all know the consequences that come with flooding. They render people homeless and even cause death among the affected people. Countries like India and the Philippines are prone to extreme weather. If people shift to renewable sources of energy, we will experience fewer floods and droughts.

Renewable sources of energy promote economic growth

The extra jobs created from using renewable sources of energy like wind benefit the rural economies. Wind projects allow farmers to generate extra income, which provides their families with stable income. Also, local towns can generate revenue to fund development projects in their areas.

You cannot compare renewable energy with fossil fuels, which are capital intensive. Solar panels need humans to install them. Wind farms also need technicians to maintain their existence and operation. This tells you how labor-intensive renewable sources are.

Right now, renewable energy has created thousands of jobs for people living in the U.S. Increased support of renewable energy has the potential of creating more jobs and promoting further economic growth now and in the future.

They can be a good source of revenue for the future

The use of solar panels and wind energy is increasingly becoming popular. That means they present attractive investment opportunities that governments, businesses, and even corporations can take advantage of. Also, these sources of energy pose lower investment risks. They can be a great source of revenue, especially in the wake of Coronavirus.

Renewable energy can help in stabilizing energy prices

Compared to other energy technologies, renewable ones provide more affordable electricity across the globe. That means with continued use of these energy sources, prices of energy are more likely to be stable in the future. Although the amount of capital is required to build renewable facilities, the cost of operation is low. It is because the fuel is free for most renewable energy technologies.

We have also experienced a steady decline in the prices of renewable energy technologies. Most experts project the prizes to drop even further.

Renewable energy is reliable

Big companies invest in renewable energy because they make energy systems resilient. This is crucial to help in preventing a shortage of power when running important operations. Solar panels and wind energy are less prone to failure because they are mostly spread over a large geographical area. That makes it almost impossible to be affected by extreme weather conditions or climate change.

Even when some parts of the equipment are damaged by strong winds or any other weather effect, they can still operate and provide energy.

Renewable energy is accessible to all inhabitants

Because the cost of renewable facilities is steadily declining, almost everyone can have electricity in their homes. Renewable energy is the only possible way of ensuring that energy is accessible to all inhabitants, especially those living in impoverished areas. The fact that renewable energy is accessible to all inhabitants is good for future development.

The bottom line

Renewable energy is the way if the goal is to achieve a more developed economy, where energy is accessible to everyone and jobs are also available. The risk of disruptive events, including droughts, floods, heatwaves, and severe wildfires increase the need to adopt clean energy technologies.