Why Is IT Support Important in a Small Business?

Computer support illustration

The modern business will possibly involve many IT systems, no matter how small the company is. From computer networks with software handling accounts, sales, marketing, purchasing and more to telephony systems that are a communication essential there is a lot to take care of. Furthermore, as the business grows so the need for changes in the network becomes more relevant, and this can involve new hardware and software, and a lot of time and effort expended.

Let’s think about a small business that runs a sales operation. They will have a limited budget and will be focused on sales and marketing for growth, and rightly so. Their IT systems will still need someone to look after them, so it’s usual that a member of staff who is experienced in IT systems is given the secondary job of performing updates, keeping the system updated and attending to any problems.

The simple fact is that this is not their job, and any time spent on the IT system is time away from the role you pay them for. Yet, you can’t afford a full – or even part – time IT manager, so what’s the answer? More and more smaller, growing companies are finding that outsourcing IT support is the cost-effective and sensible answer, so let’s have a look at what it’s all about.

What Will An IT Support Company Do?

In addition to keeping up with backups, an IT support company such as Avartec IT Solutions will provide you with 24/7 support for if your system goes down. You will be allocated an account manager who looks after your system, and who will be on call to help with any problems. There’s more to IT support than that, though, as they will perform an initial survey of all your systems, software and networks and advise you as to the suitability of those you are currently using.

For example, the IT support may tell you that as you grow you will need to buy new, separate packages for your HR, accounts or other areas of the business. They may also suggest better solutions that allow for growth in the system without the need to buy new hardware, plus have access to software packages that will be in service longer than those you get off the shelf.

Further to this you’ll find a reliable IT support company will take your data storage off your servers and implement a cloud-based system, thus allowing your disc space to be used for future improvements and increasing data security in one simple move. They can offer remote and on-site support and will help you get up to date with your telecoms system by way of VOIP communications systems. This sort of package is worth checking out and will be tailored to you, so you should talk to Avartec or a similar service provider right now and see how you can save money on your IT support.

Why Outsourcing IT Support is Popular

Put simply, outsourcing your IT support takes a lot of weight off the shoulders of you and your employees, especially those expected to administer the IT system while doing their proper job. There are many reasons why outsourcing is popular in this area of a small business, not least the fact it is among the easiest of all department to handle remotely. Rather than considering your own in-house IT manager, why no talk to an outsourcing company and get instant access to a dedicated operative who is experienced in the field and can start working for you right away and save money in the process. If you are in Seattle and looking for IT support for your business then check IT support Seattle to get the best in class IT support from industry experts.