Why Do You Need Scripter?


Broadly speaking, Scripter is a productivity solution, but how exactly can you get the most out of it? What are some popular use cases where we as developers feel like Scripter can reach its full potential and surpass your expectations? Read on and find out.

Taking notes is a big deal (that’s why we started this whole Scripter thing), but we don’t want you to take it all that seriously, because that is our job; we want you to worry as little as possible. As for the notes? Scripter will take care of those better than any secretary you’ve ever seen.

1. Speaking of Business…

Typing is all good – right up until you have to do it during the meeting, while paying attention to other speakers, asking and answering questions, keeping eye contact with your colleagues, and sometimes looking at the charts (you can’t have a presentation without a chart these days). For Scripter, that’s a piece of cake. It provides neat, accurate transcripts and saves both text and audio for you to never miss a word.

2. Finding Your Voice.

Speaking your mind out loud is much easier than writing your thoughts down, probably because there is no fear of the empty page (or should I say the empty screen?) and no time for hesitation. A raw idea cannot wait. An inspiring thought tarnishes if you wait.

Scripter is the best digital diary on the market, because it removes the buffer that is your keyboard for good and unleashes your drive and creative potential.

3. Staying Mindful.

Digital detox can be a lifesaver, especially when most of your time at work is spent in front of the computer and the rest of it is reserved for scrolling on your smartphone. Sometimes you just have to press “Pause” on your netizen mindset. However, that is not so easy to arrange; the internet is as much about business emails as pet raccoon videos. Scripter can help you fit some screenfree time in your day. Type without typing. Use technology without actively using it. Stay focused, get things done.

4. A Long Journey Starts With A Single Word.

Scripter is perfect for short memos on the run – or at the desk. It doesn’t clutter your work space, be it physical or digital, and it doesn’t send you notifications every five seconds or so like phones do. Plus, you don’t have to fish for it in your pocket. Just tap and talk; tap and forget your Scripter is even there. Taking notes has never been easier.

5. Precious Memories.

Suited for managers and space travelers, Scripter is just as helpful for the people who suffer from memory loss and Alzheimer’s. It helps capture even the smallest of thoughts, whether to preserve them or use them as a guidance.

6. Driving Safely.

Typing and driving just don’t mix – unless Scripter is involved. You can record notes, impressions, to-do lists, and so much more while driving your car.

Although we have listed some specific example on how we think Scripter is likely to be used, there is no right or wrong way to go about recording. Scripter has been made to accommodate your note-taking preferences, and we cannot wait to show you what it’s really capable of!

As a company working to revolutionize note-taking with our wearables, we are always happy to raise awareness about the future of voice technology. Visit the Blog for more articles, check out our new device, or drop us a line at team@senstone.io