Why Australian HR professionals are shifting to online background checks

Background check for HR

The work of HR professionals is not just about hiring or firing people. There’s so much more to it as it is the HR department that’s in charge of making the workflow more efficient. The ultimate goal is to maximize profits without exhausting the workforce. And this is a principle they apply when it comes to their own work. This is the reason why HR people are always on the lookout for new technologies and software that can make their job more efficient. Online background checks are gaining in popularity in Australia precisely because they’re not only reliable, but also fast.

What are online background checks?

When the people working in an office see that it’s almost time for their lunch break they start wondering what and where to eat. Let’s order a pizza, they say and everybody’s happy. Getting an online background check is just as easy as ordering a pizza. True, it won’t be delivered steaming hot in 30 minutes, but you can bet you’ll have it in your email soon enough.

Over the past few years, the Criminal Intelligence Commission has authorized several online police check agencies. One popular example is the Australian National Character Check website: https://www.australiannationalcharactercheck.com.au/ who have a completely online process via software. Others include CV Check or Police Check Express. They do exactly what the police do – they run a verification of a person’s name through their databases to see if that individual has ever been charged and convicted with an offence. When it comes to the local or national police, it’s easy to understand what databases we’re talking about. They’re the police, they’re supposed to know these things. What about independent online agencies? Since they’re accredited with the Federal Government, such agencies also have access to the criminal databases in all Australian states and territories.

No matter where you’re based, they will run a name through all the databases at their disposal so you’ll find out if a certain candidate has committed any criminal offences.

Being private businesses, these agencies have an advantage over the local police when it comes to background checks. They’ve eliminated red tape, they use the most modern software and they have enough personnel to guarantee fast results. You’ll get full national police criminal history on a candidate usually within two or three business days.

What are the benefits for HR managers of using online background check services?

This modern tool allows HR managers in Australia to make sure all the people they hire are properly vetted. No one can afford the risk of hiring people with a long criminal history that would certainly become a liability for the company.

Background checks are an essential part of pre-employment screening as it allows HR managers to make the best hiring decisions.

At the same time, using online background checks is all part of a shift in mentality. If you can do something online, then why not?

It’s the same with other types of pre-employment screening. You can go online to verify if a candidate did go to the school they mention in their CV or if they were employed with a certain company. Last, but not least, HR professionals use other online certificates to assess a job applicant’s personality. You can learn a lot during a job interview, but you can also find out many things by checking their social media accounts. Things they wouldn’t tell you about at the interview. And it takes less time.