Why and how to get rid of useless apps?


Mobile phone manufacturers have long lost a sense of proportion (and sometimes fear), so every new phone is stuffed with more and more software.

A large number of applications are preinstalled on any smartphone, many of which we never use. Initially, they don’t occupy a place in the application memory, but after an automatic update it sometimes even reaches the point where updates to preinstalled applications clog all the memory and prevent any new applications from being installed. In addition, most pre-installed applications have a permanently working resident part, which slows down the smartphone and consumes battery power.

So, how to quickly and easily get rid of unnecessary applications and free up memory? Check our infographic that helps you to define useless apps and get rid of them. Clear your phone from the real rubbish fast and easy!

Do not hesitate to remove everything that you consider unnecessary – a modern smartphone cannot be made unusable by uninstalling applications in a standard way.
Why & how to get rid of useless apps [infographic] – App pearl – Best mobile apps for Android & iOS devices