When You Need Help, Aloha Restoration Provides Professional Water and Mold Removal


    Water and mold removal in Lake Zurich is generally not a do-it-yourself job. Fortunately, Aloha Restoration provides professional clean-up services for a variety of water removal scenarios. But how do you know when it’s time to consult Aloha Restoration?

    Minimum Water Damage

    Any water damage to your Lake Zurich home or business that is more than around 5 square feet will require the use of professional water removal experts, regardless of the points below.

    The Water is Not Clear

    The amount of water damage will be significantly less if the water is clear, as is the case when it’s the result of excessive rainfall. In other words, you might be able to handle that situation on your own. However, grey water generally indicates biological or chemical pollutants, while black water often indicates that it includes sewage. In the case of the latter, handling the water yourself can be quite dangerous.

    You Don’t Have the Time

    This is perhaps the most obvious reason. If you simply don’t have the time to do anything about your water removal issue – which is understandable, as your life won’t stop just because this has happened – it’s time to contact Aloha Restoration.

    You also need to consider that water removal needs to be done right away, so, if you were to attempt to handle this yourself, you would have to do so immediately. If that’s not possible, it’s essential that professionals take care of it before many of the issues related to early water damage occur. In particular, water damage can cause quite a bit of damage to porous material in a short time. Regardless of the material being affected, even waiting a few hours can cause costs to skyrocket.

    Being proactive timing-wise can also greatly reduce the odds of mold removal being necessary at a later time, as mold can begin growing within a few days of the water damage.

    You Don’t Have the Expertise

    Water and mold removal are not simple jobs, and it’s easy to get in over your head when attempting to address these issues yourself. It’s also important to note that not being trained in these situations, but still handling them yourself, often leads to even more extensive water damage. Also, the drying process, which is just as important as water removal, is maximized and more safely done bythose trained in the field.

    Professionals use equipment to quickly ascertain exactly where the most moisture is and which area needs to be addressed first. Those at Aloha Restoration also know which areas of your Lake Zurich building are potential hot spots for mold that may, if left alone, result in extensive mold removal being necessary at a later time. Thisis especially important for areas with carpet and hardwood.

    The quality of the air can also be significantly impacted in a negative manner after water damage has occurred, which is something else that professionals are trained to detect and remove.