What Things You Should Not Take From a Hotel Room

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Shower gel, shampoo, sewing kit, bath slippers and other small things you are surely allowed to take out of the hotel. Or not? We have all done it. To take a few things from our hotel room which we consider to be for free. Here are some things you are not allowed to take with you. Avoid these mistakes and enjoy 20Bet.

You know many people who actually always do it this way: they simply pack the shampoo bottles and the small soaps from the hotel into their suitcase when they leave – and the bath slippers right along with them.

In a survey by the flight search engine “Swoodoo”, 56 percent of Germans said they had already taken utensils home from the hotel. Shampoo and conditioner are in first place, landing in the suitcases of 30 percent of respondents. Also popular is the body care set of cotton swabs and cotton pads (26 percent). Slippers are in third place with 10 percent. Bathrobes (8 percent), cutlery and decorative items (5 percent each) are somewhat less in demand, but not unnoticed.

Our List Of What Is Allowed

Caution, property of the hotel

One clear message first: Legally, you are not allowed to take anything out of the hotel room. Not even shower gels and soaps, shampoos and creams. Strictly speaking, all of this belongs to the hotel equipment and is intended for use during your stay.

But: In practice, most hotels turn a blind eye here. Because after the articles were already in use, they must be disposed of anyway. So there is no threat of trouble here.

The situation is similar with bath slippers. The hotel cannot reuse them for hygienic reasons, so you can take them home without any problems. Some hotels also provide postcards – for a greeting back home or as a nice souvenir. You can take them without any problems.

Minibar is chargeable

You can also take a piece of chocolate on the bedside table or an apple on the desk in your hotel room without hesitation. But if fruit and snacks are in a large basket with various other bags and treats, you can assume that it is part of the minibar. And you have to pay for it!

Tip: It’s best to ask beforehand. This will save you misunderstandings, embarrassment and possibly a high bill.

Theft may result in charges being filed

The situation is clear and unambiguous with larger items and objects such as bathrobes, clothes hangers, towels, pillows, umbrellas and alarm clocks – anyone who simply pockets them before departure is liable to prosecution. Here it can come even fast to an announcement. Of course, books, cutlery, crockery and home accessories are also absolutely taboo.

You don’t have to mention that? Yes, it is! Mattresses, televisions and complete bathroom fittings have even been reported to have disappeared from hotel rooms. By the way, this often affects posh hotels whose elevators lead directly to the underground parking garage.