What Security Measure Guarantees Your Home Won’t be Burgled?


Here’s the bad news – there is no one single home security measure that ensures you’ll never get burgled. A determined thief, with enough skill, given enough time, will be able to crack any security you could install.

That doesn’t mean that you need to get onto the list for the first colony on Mars, though. Besides which, even if you did, you’d probably find that eventually, crime would get you there too.

The good news is that criminals like easy money – they don’t really want to work all that hard to begin with. According to Safe At Last, a security review site, only around 13% of burglaries actually solved, it’s pretty easy money for criminals.

While you can’t prevent every single criminal from gaining entry, you can make it too hard for most to bother trying.

That means making sure that you have as many barriers in place as possible. Think of it this way – let’s say that your job was within walking distance from your home. If it’s a simple walk, along a paved walkway that is mostly sheltered from the rain, you’d be happy to walk it.

Now, what if part of the way was a dirt road? Or they were busy with construction, so you’d have to make a detour? Or there was a huge fence across the walkway that you’d have to clamber over every day? How pleasant would it be then?

Thieves mostly have one thing in common – they want to make as much money as fast as possible without getting caught. Every lock that they need to open, every well-lit space that they need to cross, and every alarm system that they have to bypass makes it that much easier to get caught.

Why would they go to all that hassle when across the road, your neighbor’s place has no outside lighting and no alarm system? Making your home as hard a target as possible is your best defense against burglaries, adds a security expert from Porch. Find out how you can do this by going through the infographic beneath. Check out Vivint reviews if you are looking for home monitoring and security solutions.

Infographics Source: safeatlast.co

Article By: Ana Bera

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