What is the linearführung? Here is a complete guide for you!

What is linearführung?

Liner Guides or linear rail slides are support devices that are used to help with passing on burdens and assurance straight and level straight development. The linear guide will commonly contain two sections; the sliding carriage and the rail. The sliding carriage is the part that moves along the rail and supports the joined weight.

Applications of Linear Guide:

A wide assortment of enterprises uses and request linear guides for their applications.

  • Straight aides are utilized to move a machine table in either the X or Y bearing. Applications that require high accuracy utilize linear guides because of their high exactness and accuracy abilities.
  • In the application to one side, each table uses a linear guide for situating. Machine device applications utilize straight aides as a result of their capacity to oversee temperature rise and rapid changes.
  • Linear guides are utilized to ship weighty items easily.
  • In this application, the straight aides were utilized to assist with moving a robot pick-and-spot machine.
  • Straight rails are regularly the aide component of decision for actuators that are driven with belts, screws, or pneumatic chambers, as a result of their capacity to withstand second loads. They can likewise oblige go paces up to 5 m/sec, which is significant in the belt or pneumatic driven frameworks.

Selecting a linear guide:

Similarly, as with any huge venture, there are a couple of variables that ought to be viewed while choosing a linearführung for your application. These steps will help you to choose the best one for you.

  • Selection to reach limitations of mounting space: There may be impediments to the mounting space of the linear guide as a result of underlying limitations on the machine.
  • Selection by Screwball size: On account of a ball screw drive, it is prudent to pick a linear guide with its model number something similar, as or nearest to the ball screw shaft width.
  • Selection on the base of load: Applied burden per ball slide thus will be determined basically by separating complete applied burden by the number of ball slides.


  • High positional precision
  • Long existence with profoundly precise movement
  • High-velocity movement is conceivable with a low main thrust
  • Equivalent stacking limits every which way.
  • Simple establishment.
  • Its durability can withstand a wide scope of burdens relying upon the application.
  • Little grating among square and rail with the metal rollers for high exactness of square.
  • Equivalent stacking in four ways and an adequate preload that gives high inflexibility to the straight aide.


  • Not as successful for vertical applications.

Cost of Linear Guides:

The expense of a linear guide is subject to the size and material of the straight aides. For applications with a higher burden limit, you will by and large need a greater straight square. For this situation, the more extensive the square or the more extended the rail required will build the cost of the linear guide. For more explicit valuing requests kindly contact the processing plant to help you in estimating. For durability and long-lasting usage, clean and care for the squares and the rails, and ensure the establishment is followed as expressed in the manuals.