What Is Rally North America?


Founded in 2009, rally North America is an event of a road rally. The rally is one of the most exciting car racing events. It is widely popular among many racing enthusiasts.

What is rally north America? This is the article to read if you want to know more about road rallies.

Read through the article to know all about road rallies. How the whole racing works, and why you should consider taking part in it.

What Is Rally North America?

Rally North America is also called RNA. A group of racing fans founded the event not too long ago, in 2009. The idea of the event was to organize a scavenger hunt.

The core function of the road rally is to raise money for charity. Every year, as many as 80 members get together. The group of 80 members chooses a different charity to raise funds for each year.

Different rally events have distinctive rules of the championship. If a car meets the requirements, it is awarded the winning prizes.

The primary goal of the North American rally is to raise funds for charity. All the money raised during the rally is sent to the charity. No amount of the money is given to the racers or car owners.

How can you join a rally in North America? You can join only when a spot is vacant. However, every member of the rally usually comes back for the event. So, you may have to be a lucky person to be a part of the event.

How the Road Rally Works

The process of the rally is to find designated checkpoints known only to the organizers. The car drivers participating in the rally go through scenic roads to find those checkpoints. Each team navigates through the highway at a safe speed.

You have to prove that you found and stopped at the checkpoints? How can you do that? Rally racers usually stop at the checkpoints and take pictures in front of something unique.

The winner is usually determined by the car that reaches the finish line first. However, there are a few rules regarding this. Firstly, you cannot break any traffic rule during your drive through the checkpoints. And secondly, you need to pass all the checkpoints to be the winner. There are other category awards available for other teams as well.

On the other hand, the start of the race is unique to its nature as well. The team with the highest amount of money raised will have the privilege to start the race first. This is an honor provided to the team for the team’s maximum effort to raise charity funds.

3 Types of Road Rally

The basic road rally is the simplest one. A team consists of one driver and one co-driver, and the co-driver is the navigator. However, there could be 3 different types of road rallies.

Gimmick Rally

Gimmick rally is the first rally event that a majority of the drivers will enter. The winning factor of this type of rally is the Gimmick Rules rather than the team that reaches the finish line first.

In the Gimmick Rally, you are awarded scores depending on the information you find along the way. There may not be any finish line at all.

Gimmick Rally is ideal for new rally racers. It is mostly focused on having fun.

Pro Rally

As the name suggests, this type of rally is focused on race. The organizing team sets the route. Along the routes, there are several checkpoints.

The concept of the pro rally is to focus on speed. The team that can finish the race first can win the rally. However, it is a bit dangerous as well. Pro rally is also inexpensive and easier to be a part of.


The final type of road rally is TSD, and it stands for the Time-Space-Distance rally. The focus of TSD is more on dribbling rather than the speed of the cars.

However, certain rules are fixed in a pro rally event. Firstly, you must stay on the exact route determined by the authority. And secondly, the speed limit is also determined by the authority.


So, what is rally north America? It is one of the most exciting rally racing events in the world. The concept of the event is quite entertaining. Moreover, the idea is noble, where the racers raise funds for charity. If you want to be a part of a road rally, find one near you now and enjoy the event.