What is ITOps or TechOps?

Cloud Computing or Bursting
Image Source: Seasia Infotech

ITOps stands for information technology operations. This is a traditional concept and the basis for all related concepts originated from. Information technology operation is known as ITOps or sometimes TechOps covers anything related to IT and computer hardware. Remember one thing your ITOps doesn’t include software development or implementation. ITOps only includes providing and managing the tools you need to run your IT enabled company, no matter your company build software, sells clothing or offers any other services.

ITOps often refers to the functional area of network infrastructure, computer operations, help desk, server installation, server maintenance and other IT hardware device management. A company or an individual look after all these operations under ITOps.

ITOps or TechOps includes these operations:

  1. Installing and managing network functions
  2. Managing security
  3. Providing remote access to the network users
  4. Managing physical data centres
  5. Backup and disaster management
  6. Building and managing IT infrastructure
  7. Creating and managing user roles
  8. Setting up, managing and upgrading PCs
  9. Licensing and managing software
  10. Managing network and individual memory storage
  11. Managing network applications