What is Dapple Airdrops?

Dapple Airdrops

Dapple Airdrops is a smart contract token multisender Dapp built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s purpose is for large scale token distributions for bounty campaigns. With this Dapp, one can distribute any ERC20 token to at least 170 addresses at a time.

Due to its capability of distributing tokens, the Dapple Airdrops software has been growing in popularity. Since its release back in late July, 2018, it has been used to distribute tokens to over 500,000 participants across 30 airdrop campaigns.

How does it work?

The Dapple Airdrops software was developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. As a result, ERC20 token airdrops have never been easier. To airdrop a token, one would need to have the MetaMask browser extension wallet installed which must contain: (a) the token which will be airdropped, and (b) some ETH to cover the service and transaction fees.

How much is the service and transaction fees?

The cost of the service fee is 0.005 ETH for every 100 drops (1 drop means 1 transfer of tokens). This is just 1 ETH for every 20,000 drops, which is not bad considering how much time will be saved as it could take days, or even weeks to do it manually.

In regard to the cost of transaction fees, the answer to this question is not so straightforward. It all depends on: (a) what the gas prices of the network are at the time of the airdrop, and (b) how much of a gas price one is willing to pay.  The transaction fee will far exceed the service fee, as it always does. This is because the one who is airdropping tokens must pay for all token transactions. So for an airdrop with 50,000 participants, he or she who is distributing the token must pay for 50,000 token transfers. This can be very expensive. However, to minimise cost, it is advised to only airdrop tokens when the safe low gas prices are at least 3 Gwei or below.

Free trial available!

Yes, this is correct. All ERC20 tokens which have not been airdropped using the Dapple Airdrops application before automatically have 100 free trial drops! This way, users can test that the software works as intended before spending a penny.

Bonus system

Just another great reason to use Dapple Airdrops. Users of the application get rewarded with bonus drops as they spend. The bonus is currently 20% (subject to change in the future). So for every 100 paid drops made, 20 bonus drops are granted, helping users lower their overall costs.

Detailed user guide

The Dapple Airdrops application includes a guide which helps its users how to airdrop tokens in just 4 simple steps!

Live chat support

The developers at Dapple Airdrops understand that for most, using smart contract applications is not the most intuitive of tasks. This is understandable, given that the technology is still relatively new. Many who are interested in using smart contract applications often struggle in doing so, leading to frustration which could otherwise be avoided. With that in mind, the developers of Dapple Airdrops have included a live chat support, to help users of the application in any way they can! Best of all, they are always happy to assist and do so as soon as possible.