What Cryptocurrency Should You Invest in This Year


There are a number of different reasons why so many people choose to invest in cryptocurrency. The first is that it is a much more secure form of payment, the second is that you do not have to worry about third parties getting involved given it is completely decentralized, and finally, thanks to the number of variations of crypto that are available, you can properly diversify your portfolio. Of course, the third benefit can also be a hinderance at times. Thanks to how many different forms of crypto there are, it is incredibly difficult knowing which token you should be investing in. The market is volatile and therefore unpredictable at times. That being said, there are some tokens which are shaping up to have a promising year. This article is going to dive into more detail on some of the best cryptocurrencies that you should invest in in 2023.


Ethereum is the second most popular form of crypto out there and continues to be incredibly popular. Its trajectory remains positive, leading some to believe it will become the most popular form of crypto soon enough. It doesn’t just hold value like a lot of other coins do, rather they can be used for the development of different apps and smart contracts. It’s also easy staying on top of the value of Ethereum thanks to sites like OKX. If you decide to invest, then you can simply look up the Ethereum current price at okx.com in order to see what your current assets are worth.


Ethereum popularity is out beaten by the original token, Bitcoin. You might be surprised to see it on this list given how much of a ropey year it had in 2022, but thanks to the dip it took, it could mean that 2023 is the perfect time to invest. The price is lower than ever at the moment and as the market finds it feet and begins to stabilize once again, it’s likely that Bitcoin is going to increase in value. Bitcoin does not offer a whole lot of variation compared to other options on the market given it is only used as a unit of value; however, thanks to the number of businesses that have begun accepting it as a legitimate form of currency, there are a lot of different uses available despite the lack of variation in the coin itself.

Should You Buy More Than One Token?

The short answer is yes. When you are investing in crypto, it’s important that you are purchasing more than one kind of coin. This is due to just how unpredictable the market can be at times. Granted, more often than not there is some sense to it, but that’s not always the case. As such, if you invest in just one form of token then there is a chance that token will see a large dip, lose its value and you will be in an awkward position. By investing in more than one coin, you increase your chances of a positive return on investment.