What are the Common Issues Most Women Face Nowadays?


Women play various roles in society, but some factors negatively affect their lives. From the fight for equal opportunities to the pay gap and the vote to reproductive rights, there is no doubt that women had to deal with issues that most men find irrelevant.

Let’s look at these issues one by one and discover how they affect their lives and future.

Sexism and Gender Bias

Many women have been fighting to achieve gender equality, typically in the workforce, and it’s good that this fight is progressing over the years.

Women nowadays are more empowered to run their businesses, be the boss in big corporations, or hold high-ranking jobs. Some of them even venture into careers that men primarily dominate.

But despite all these developments, sexism is still something that most women face. It may not be are harsh as it used to be. However, it still shows up in different parts of society, from the workforce, politics, education, and media.

The Power to Vote

Women are aware of their impact when it comes to voting. Did you know that the majority of voters are women?

Voter turnout plays a significant role in the election, and women tend to have a more remarkable turnout than men. This is particularly true in all age groups and ethnicities in midterm elections and presidential elections. The change happened in the 1980s and has stayed relevant up to these years.

Equal Pay

As it turns out, some women still receive lower wages than men even though they are both performing the same roles and responsibilities. Despite the enormous advancements in today’s society, some corporations still base employee pay on “gender.”

As a result, some women cannot manage their finances accordingly. They can’t open up bank accounts or get approved for credit cards quickly. While alternative credit data scoring can help them get approved for loans, it only shows that women and men need to have equal opportunities for salaries and wages. That way, both can have a better chance at managing their finances.

Women in Position

The United States hasn’t elected a woman to become its president just yet. Still, many women are filling up powerful positions in the government.

For instance, 144 women represent the Senate and the House of representatives. That is bout 27 percent of the total seat with powerful positions. And even though women aren’t as many as men, it still shows that we have come a long way in allowing women to have power.

The Issue Over Reproductive Rights

There is one significant difference between men and women: women give birth. And this is also one of the most significant issues most women have faced for a very long time.

The issue of reproductive rights tackles abortion and birth control. Since the government approved “the pill” in 1960, reproductive rights have become a big issue for women.

Nowadays, abortion is a significant issue that separates men and women. Others are against it, while some people see it as a valid right for a woman to choose whether she wants to keep the baby or not. It’s still a controversial topic in the United States and one of the most complex decisions a woman can ever make.

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is also an issue for women. This has been a significant concern in the past and up until these days. And even though modern society is not as harsh as before, teenage pregnancy still comes with several challenges.

However, here’s some good news. Teenage pregnancy rates have declined since the early 90s, and people can only hope that it stays that way. The two factors that helped in this significant progress are giving teens access to birth control and including abstinence education in the curriculum. This teaches young women the consequences of getting pregnant at a very young age.

Domestic Abuse

While domestic violence can happen to both genders, it’s no secret that most of its victims are women. Data shows that 835,000 men and 1.3 million women are abused by their partners per year, including teen dating violence which keeps on rising.

Violence and abuse come in different forms. This issue grows every year from psychological and emotional abuse to physical and sexual abuse. Anyone can become a victim of domestic abuse, yet it’s crucial to teach people that they need to ask for help when this happens.

These are just some of the many issues that women face nowadays, and there are still a few not discussed here. Fortunately, society is evolving year by year, giving more women the power to protect themselves and fight for their rights in all aspects.