What are the best Data Science professional conferences?


In the data science field, there are many different ways to develop your knowledge and skills in order to deep dive and learn the work efficiently. There is also one other important way which helps in improving your learning curve in the field of data science. It’s all about learning and improving the knowledge from the experienced and successful data professionals who will teach you and also share their expertise in the subject. You will need to find the best opportunity to attend such data science conferences to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding. 

Most of you might not be aware of the conferences that are available in the world which are conducted both in virtual and in person. In these conferences, the expertised data science professionals will engage with the audience and share the experiences, ideas, and knowledge to develop the skills. If you are looking to enhance your skills in the data science field, then attending such data science conferences will be the best opportunity to gain a clear cut idea of the latest inventions and developments that are taking place in the data science field.

What is a professional conference? 

A professional conference is referred to as the meeting of the professionals of all the authorities in a given subject, who are capable of sharing their organizational matters, expertise in handling the concerns with respect to the status of the profession, skills and knowledge related to the subject. It is different from the academic conference.

You will learn more about the personal experiences, technology and the techniques that have been used during their difficulties and the way they have addressed them. You will also receive the recommendations and the best practices which help your work easier. You will gain guidance and also the opportunity to get connected with the professional peers at these conferences.

Best data science professional conferences in 2022: 

NLP Summit 

The NLP Summit date of conference is held on the dates 5-6 April 2022. 

Location: Online 

NLP Summit is a place in which all the professionals from the natural language processing are gathered to showcase all the best practices related to NLP, share the experience in the real world case studies, and provide an update on the challenges that come up in the near future. They also provide guidance and support in transferring the knowledge to the audience and also discuss the latest open source libraries, models that are required to be used today. Through this NLP Summit conference, all the NLP community professionals will be gathered and interested in learning and building the applications in different sectors like finance, health care, recruiting, e-commerce, life science and many more. 

Data Summit: 

The data Summit conference is held between the dates 21st May to 22nd May 2022. 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, US 

The data Summit data science conference is for those professionals who consider their company as a data driven organization. You will learn about the key tips and tactics required for maintaining and organizing the business efficiently through this data summit conference. This is a three day seminar which will help you in providing the training and guidance, also deliver the creative ways that are utilized by the popular organizations, and also learn on how the data management difficulties are tackled these days. 

Anyone who is interested in learning the advancements in technologies along with the technicalities, or interested in learning the usage of big data for different fields like analytics, business intelligence can attend this conference. Any professional like a software developer, data analyst, data scientist, database administrators, project managers, data architects will be benefited from it. If you are interested in learning data science then Data Science Training will be helpful for you.

TDWI conference and leadership Summit: 

The TDWI conference and leadership Summit is conducted between the dates 11 November to 16 November 2022. 

Location: Orlando, Florida, US. 

In this conference, you will get to know the data difficulties and their recommendations from the industry professionals. You will learn about the different technologies and advancements along with the techniques that are used in this conference. You will also find the answers for your queries with respect to the technology and the data issues. 

Modern database administration, data architecture and management of the data, data planning, analytic insights are some of the topics that are covered in this conference.

BDA 2022: 

The BDA 2022 conference is being held on 22 November 2022. 

Location: London 

In this conference, there will be two sessions held. Through this conference, you will learn how to build flexible, agile and strong big Data architecture, pattern recognition and organizing structured and unstructured data. You will also gain an idea on the business planning enhancements, capable of making decisions as per the requirements.

In the second session, you will learn how to deal with the major obstacles and improve the efficiency.


The IEEE ICDM will be held from 17 November to 20 November 2022. 

Location: Singapore 

The IEEE ICDM conference is a data analysis research conference which includes seminars, tutorials and sessions. Anyone like an application developer, researcher, or counselor, can attend this conference. In this conference, you will also learn about the mining methods, systems, softwares, and applications in detail.

Previously I was diving deep to learn new things online and it was a bit difficult to understand. On the suggestion provided by my friend, I attended the conference meeting which made me explore and understand the new concepts. All the knowledge and skills from the professionals made me learn and discover, and helped me improve my level of understanding in the subject. I am glad that I have attended the conference which made a huge difference for me.

Recently, I attended a data science conference meeting last November 2021 which was a virtual meeting called Ai4. In this Summit, I have come across data science professionals in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It was a 2 day conference and I heard nearly 20 speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise in the subject. This was an application based conference which helped me learn new things and also provided some tips to come across the difficulties.