WGN Introduces SmartLife Solutions


With the fast-pace and demanding lifestyle of modern society, it is known that many of our daily habits are effecting our bodies in a negative way, causing the most common chronic diseases today. Generic nutritional solutions work on less than 25% of their users because one size does not fit all. The solution lies in treating everyone as a unique individual. Figuring out how to live a healthier lifestyle based on your own body’s needs was always a guessing game, until now.

In today’s society we have seen the evolution of technology through smart cars, smart homes, smart phones. Now, World Global Network along with World Technology Corp, and Xfinity Lab, introduces the latest ‘smart technology’ designed to live healthier and longer lives. SmartlifeSolutions is a a tech-based solution using (1) high-tech sensor wearable technology, (2) advanced genetic profile analysis, and (3) artificial intelligence to produce a personalized, unique solution for the individual. From you, for you, creating an awareness of your body in a way you’ve never known before.

1) Monitor your health through Life-Sensing Technology

  • Helo LX+
  • Helo Extense

2) Unlock your Genetic Profile – SmartLifeDNA

  • SmartLifeDNA Health & Wellness Test
  • SmartLifeDNA Drug Sensitivity Test

3) Smart Solutions through Artificial Intelligence

  • SmartLife Oracle
  • SmartLife NutraPak

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