Web3 Gaming Trends to Look Out For


Hey there, gamers from within and outside the Web3.0 Gaming landscape! Whether you’re a devoted gamer or someone who’s just learning the ropes in this multi-billion dollar entertainment industry, We’re pretty sure you’ve heard somewhere some time ago about Web3.0, or Web3.0 Gaming in particular.

These two concepts, though intertwined by technology and in discipline, are completely different schools of thought, with Web3.0 Gaming piggy-backing off of Web3.0 itself and the democratized, ownership-centric and consumer-friendly offerings it brings to the table!

With all this awesome stuff coming around to give players a taste of how it feels like to have freedom to do whatever you want when you’re gaming, the Web3.0 gaming industry took off, now becoming bigger and more valuable by the day. Which inevitably made it a brooding ground for “trends” and popular movements to come up in this budding industry that led people to appreciate it even more!

So in that regard, let’s explore and dive deep into the current trends in Web3.0 that may very well bleed into the rest of the Gaming Industry, changing it for good!

Before anything else though, let’s talk about Web3.0 Gaming, as well as one of its greatest proponents, Elfin Games!

Web3.0 Gaming Offered By Elfin Games

Web3.0 Gaming wouldn’t be anything without Web3.0, which as we have glided a little earlier, is a new phase in the Internet’s life cycle where Ownership and Decentralization is the main focus. If Web1.0 is about the age of information, and Web2.0 is all about connecting everyone into a world-wide web, Web3.0 promotes individuality, responsibility over your own internet identity, and options for you to make the most out of your internet experience!

With that regard, Web3.0 Gaming should have a pretty clear picture of what it wants to do, but as it stands today, Web3.0 Gaming has been nothing but a household name for everything that involves earning money through playing video games besides streaming, going pro, or receiving sponsorships.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and Elfin Games made it a mission to drive this distinction further, and enlighten the public about what Web3.0 Gaming really is, along with various gaming offerings that you can’t find anywhere else!

And with this upsurge of benefits and features you couldn’t find in any other Gaming Sub-Industry, trends rose up that had the potential to change the gaming world forever!

Without further ado, let’s explore these Web3.0 Gaming Trends in Full Detail!
Web3.0 Gaming Trends You Should Look Out For

  • Play-to-Earn

Undeniably deserving of a spot in this list. The Play-to-Earn Model that the NFT/Web3.0 Gaming introduced to the world gave way to NFTs gaining massive appeal among the public for a time, as well as an unprecedented amount of profits both to the developers and everyone who was able to get into the P2E hype train.

Still going strong as ever, although not entirely the main focus of the Web3.0 Gaming Industry, Play-to-Earn has and will continue to exact change and innovation within the gaming industry, signifying that everyone can be paid while having fun!

  • Play-to-Own
    A new rendition of the Play Formula where not only are players incentivised by rewards and constant profit streams, but are also empowered by giving them all the rights and agency over their in-game items!

    Picture this, you’re playing your favorite online-RPG game you’ve sunk thousands of hours into already. You made your in-game character as strong as it can be through items, levels, and other attributes that made it stronger, hell, you may have even gone so far as to spend money on cosmetics and all that stuff to make sure that your character looks as dashing as it is powerful. And then all of a sudden, you find out that the game is already closing for good, and you won’t have anything to claim despite being one dedicated gamer.

    This has been the dilemma of millions of gamers around the world, especially with older online titles that the devs ditched due to lack of funding or lack of technical support. Well, in Web3.0 The script is getting flipped entirely!

    Thanks to the Play-to-Own Mechanic that Web3.0 Gaming introduced, say goodbye to spending stupendous amounts of cash over that skin, or in-game item, only to be stripped away of ownership when things go south! With Play-to-Own, you truly own that snazzy item, servers shutting down or not!

    Elfin Games already introduced this feature ahead of others, where you can buy their Elfins outright, and then put them up for sale or trade whenever you feel like it! This empowers every gamer out there to sink hours, grind levels, and earn items as much as they can, resting easy knowing that the items they acquire, they own outright! No buts, no excuses!
  • Interoperable Games
    In Web2.0, most games with sequels are tied only by the fact that either their lores are connected, or in the case of some online videogames out there, you get certain perks for copping the game’s sequel.

    This is good, but of course, it can be made better!

    Introducing interoperable games with built-in ecosystems that tie each game together in tech and in spirit, players can pass items along, buy and sell items using the same in-game currency, and continue their progress elsewhere with the same progress they have acquired from a previous title!

    Elfin Games already had a rendition of this called the Elfin Arcade, which ties every game under Elfin Game’s wing into a single economy. Soon enough, and with proper attention, funding, and effort, Elfin Arcade is expected to grow even bigger to include more stuff that could be passed in between each game they offer!
  • Gaming Metaverse
    Metaverse in itself, is a pretty convoluting and controversial topic to discuss. From the failures of past projects to uphold their shared vision of this virtual realm, to scams and pulled rugs that left the community distrustful, Metaverse fell into obscurity.

    With Web3.0 offering a much more transparent and interactive Internet Experience to the public, the idea of Metaverse is revived, this time in Gaming!

    With Elfin Games being one of the pioneer of Metaverse Gaming, the future of a virtual world where you can play your favorite games, interact with your favorite people or even your in-game characters and pets, as well as immerse yourself entirely in the massive landscape that your favorite videogame introduces, Metaverse Gaming has become a very promising concept that people couldn’t help but be excited about!
  • Community-Based Games
    In Web3.0 Gaming, the public got the most say in everything that involves their favorite gaming titles, which is great because after all, they’re the ones who immerse themselves in the videogames that they play, and will be the ones to first notice if the game is lacking something, or is in dire need of additional content!

    Web3.0 Gaming puts the community of gamers up in the priority ladder, ensuring that they are involved in the development process of the games that they love and enjoy, to bring the best form of gaming experience to everyone!

    Elfin Games understands this hunger for collaboration. They’re not just delivering games; they’re delivering platforms where your ideas, feedback, and creativity shape the gaming landscape. Evidenced by the fact that not only are they urging their people to play the game, they are actively inviting gamers from around the world to become part of the development/building process to provide a fresher perspective! 

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, Web3 gaming trends are injecting a breath of fresh air into an budding industry that desperately needs to cement its relevance, and soon enough its legacy. It’s about giving you back control, making your gaming efforts worthwhile, and creating experiences that are truly yours. Elfin Games, the indie underdog turned Web3.0 pioneer, is leading the charge, giving players not just games, but a movement toward a gaming world that’s fair, interconnected, and owned by you.

So, what can you do to be part of this revolution? Dive into the Web3 gaming sphere. Explore Elfin Games’ offerings, immerse yourself in their indie spirit, and start experiencing gaming in a whole new way. The future of gaming is here, and it’s not just in the hands of big corporations—it’s in your hands, too. Get ready to game, earn, and shape the gaming industry like never before!