Visibility Of Your Cloud — See More in 2019


This year see more of your cloud and also drive some efficiencies by understanding your cloud infrastructure

Why You Want To Visualize Your Cloud

  • Discover all inventory and relationships in your AWS environment by seeing information visually. Whether it is for compliance, security, or planning a future cloud, a visual representation of your cloud architecture gives an overview that is derived from details and relationships of components.
  • Expose hidden threats and resolve vulnerabilities by understanding your infrastructure’s security more meticulously. Seeing a security flag or problem allows for the opportunity to solve the threat, which develops a more secure cloud overall.
  • Visualization is an effective method of communication. Conveying your cloud infrastructure to internal teams and to external services is a complicated and exhausting process. A visual representation of your infrastructure alleviates the confusion of communicating the architecture your cloud. It’s also more efficient to onboard new team members!

Visualize Your Cloud Through Cloudcraft’s Live Scanning

Instead of manually configuring your infrastructure to make a diagram, Cloudcraft seamlessly connects your cloud to create visual representation of your inventory by live scanning your existing infrastructure.

Once imported, your Live components stay connected and up to date.

Exporting Your Infrastructure Diagram

After live scanning or simply building your infrastructure, Cloudcraft allows you to export your architecture in different formats:

  • As an Image (PNG, SVG, PDF) with high resolution, with grid or as a transparent background, and with customized sizing
  • As a 2D Export through utilizing
  • Through Terraform Code
  • As a sharable blueprint link that allows diagram interactions like zooming and panning

As you begin to create milestones for your company, understanding your cloud infrastructure on a visual level is a significant step to hitting your goals.

Like with most New Years resolutions, saying them is one thing, but knowing how to achieve them is another. Seamlessly design or Live scan your existing infrastructure to generate an interactive, smart visual representation on