USPS Informed Delivery: A Success Story?


United States Postal Service prepared a feature by the name Real Mail Notification back in 2014. After putting it through pilot testing, the USPS, satisfied, launched it under the name Informed Delivery in 2016. The main aspect of this feature was that it provided a digital review of the incoming mail before it reached the physical mailbox. The incentive behind this free feature was to create a connection between hard copy and email in a rapidly digitalizing world.

In a nutshell, it provides the receiver an advanced view of what is in their mail or what he is going to receive that day. Now the big question is, in the world where new features are routinely introduced, has USPS informed delivery captured the attention of buyers and sellers, or is it just another feature about to be lost in the years? Interestingly, all the results appeared positive.

The informed delivery system has grown quite steadily both in the number of users and their trust in the system. The changes introduced in the feature to make it more convenient for both parties stand as proof. The USPS can be given the credit for the fact that it has ensured the deliverance of physical mail on the same day as email preview to enhance the experience of the customers. The greyscale images are captured during the mail processing without damaging the privacy of the content and are delivered through 3 widely used ways.

  • USPS Mobile App
  • Users’ Id Dashboard
  • Email

With email getting the most responses followed by the dashboard and mobile app.

The factor that it is still free for both customers and sellers is a major factor in its success but most indicators show that it won’t have suffered any major setback even if charges are introduced owing to its utility. But being free also comes with an inherent doubt and lack of trust but rarely does anyone leave the services because of a trust deficit.

Not only for the customers, but business mailers have also given very positive responses because of the massive results they received thanks to USPS Informed Delivery Campaign. Various companies have reported a rise of a significant percentage in responses from their customers. Another mailer found its customers to be more engaged and responsive to its emails.

Upwards of 41 million people are using informed delivery services across the US. The preview in morning digest feature has also tapped into the people’s habit of going through their affairs of the day in the morning adding positively to the popularity of the feature. For mailers, this feature is bliss as it provides them a free way to initiate a highly efficient mail campaign.

Though the feature has proved to be a success, the USPS is constantly enhancing and improving its services with the introduction of new features. Ride-along images that appear below the greyscale image to attract the customers are the latest development. We can safely conclude that this feature has the capability to reach potential customers and is useful for both buyers and sellers.