Use LED lights to light up your beautiful backyard


The backyard is an outdoor space for the family, which is convenient for people to enjoy the beautiful scenery and leisure and entertainment. As a lighting tool, backyard lights are indispensable in backyard decoration, not only for people to illuminate, but also to add to the atmosphere of the backyard. There are so many kinds of backyard lights on the market, and everyone is always picky, not knowing which one is better for their yard. How to choose backyard lights? What to pay attention to when choosing backyard lights? Let’s take a look together, or you can consult professional suntechleds landscape LED lighting experts.

How to choose backyard lights?

1. Unified style

Because everyone has different preferences, you should pay attention to the style when you choose to buy backyard lights. It is recommended to choose the style that matches the backyard decoration as much as possible to achieve the overall effect and beauty. If you want to match randomly, it may make people feel out of place, thus affecting the effect of backyard decoration.

2. The light source color temperature feels warm

Backyard LED lights are mainly used to facilitate people’s night activities. The temperature at night is low. In order to make people feel warm, it is recommended to choose warm and comfortable light sources as much as possible, which is also conducive to creating a warm family environment. Try to avoid choosing cold light sources, which will make the family atmosphere deserted.

3. High lightning protection coefficient

The backyard lighting is installed outdoors, often in rainy weather. In order to use them for a long time, it is recommended to choose lights with high lightning protection coefficient. This is also a safety precaution, because once the backyard light encounters lightning, it is easily damaged and may even cause a fire.

4. Consider the power supply method

Backyard lights can be divided into two types according to different power supply methods. One is the normal power mode, which requires connecting wires for lighting, which is more troublesome. The other is the current more popular lighting method, which uses solar energy as a power source, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and more convenient to use. Choose the style you like.

5. Better sun protection and antifreeze effect

Place backyard lights outdoors throughout the year. In order to be able to use them normally, it is recommended to choose a light with better sun protection and antifreeze performance when buying. Lights and lanterns must withstand the exposure to the sun in summer and the severe cold in winter to make family life more convenient.

6. Easy to install and maintain

In order to make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient, it is recommended to choose a style that is easy to install and maintain when buying lights. In life, people can install and maintain it by themselves, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Matters needing attention when choosing backyard lights

1. The type of lights

There are various types of backyard lights on the market. There are solar backyard lights and LED backyard lights, which are classified according to different light sources. Different types will produce different effects. You can choose different shapes and sizes of lights according to your preference and backyard decoration style.

2. The lighting effect

When choosing backyard lights, you also need to pay attention to the lighting effect. The first thing that needs to be thought of is that the area of the light should be wider, and the area of illumination should be larger, which will be more convenient for people. Secondly, the brightness of the light should be appropriate, don’t choose too dazzling, otherwise people will feel dizzy in the yard for a long time. Usually most people prefer warm-toned light sources because of the warm atmosphere they create.

3. Consider special locations

When choosing backyard lights, the actual situation should also be considered. The yard of different families will have different environments, some are relatively humid and dark, some are relatively dry and hot, and the lights suitable for different environments are not the same, so it depends on the environment. Select the corresponding light. In order to prevent accidents such as electric shock and burns, it is necessary to take protective measures.

4. The shell material

There are different materials for the housing of backyard lights, the most common ones are aluminum, iron and steel. Different materials have different characteristics and textures, leading to differences in the final decoration effect. Steel is strong and durable, while aluminum and iron have good decorative properties in addition to lighting. You can choose according to your own preferences and overall decoration style.

5. Consider the economy

Price is what people pay most attention to. In addition to paying attention to the quality and appearance of backyard lights, it is also necessary to consider whether they are reasonably priced. Try to avoid choosing low-priced bulbs, because their quality may be poor, leading to frequent leakage or failure in two days of use, leading to increased costs. High-priced lights have the characteristics of quality assurance, durability and low operating costs, saving money and effort.

6. Decorative

Backyard lights need to play a decorative role in order to make the environment more elegant and beautiful, making people love it, and at the same time show the owner’s taste. If you have a backyard, it must be well decorated. If there is no lighting, the night will be eclipsed. At this time, a few LED lights are needed to illuminate the backyard. If we can use the lighting cleverly, the dark night will become a beautiful landscape, creating a leisurely and tranquil outdoor space for us to enjoy the tranquility and quietness.