Trending Products in eCommerce


Running an online business means finding ways to adapt to the world of trends. People’s wishes tend to change quite quickly, so it is important to know what products are in high demand and trending. In addition to that, it’s good business to add new products to your stock, it can be a breath of fresh air for consumers. Knowing this, you will be able to adjust your business strategies and please your customers. In the world of eCommerce, trending products are the keys to your success. Well, don’t you want to know what and when would your potential customers like to add to their shopping carts? Let’s look at how you can find trending products for your eCommerce business.

A short guide to Google Trends

Google Trends is generally used to research interest in a specific product over time. With this handy tool, you can figure out what consumers are searching for and what you should focus on.

If you want to start an online store, you have an idea of what you are going to sell. Is it in demand, though? Are people searching for this product? This is where Google Trends comes in handy. Using this tool, you can see if people are searching for the products you’ve chosen to sell. Google Trends will provide you with up-to-date information about:

  • Countries where people search for this product most actively
  • Demand pattern and its dependence on the season
  • Period of time when the topic was most relevant and its current level of interest
  • Related topics and queries giving you extra ideas on the products to add to your offer

 Now, knowing what people are searching for, you can use it to your advantage, as it will greatly help with your SEO and marketing strategies. With Google Trends you can see keywords people type in when searching for a specific product (this is seen in related queries). Knowing how to use Google Trends can help you greatly, but what are the other ways you can use to look for trending products in eCommerce? It is important to see what consumers are searching for on major market platforms.


Amazon is one of the biggest online platforms. It is a great place to look for top trending products. Simply enter a word related to the product you want to find in the Amazon search box and filter the results. From there filter by customer reviews or by relevance. The first one will show you the highest-rated products, according to customers’ reviews. The latter is quite self-explanatory, you will see the products that are widely searched and bought.


Using this platform, you can find very interesting statistics. You have the option to see what are the most viewed and sold items across various categories. The search results can be filtered to view the information for the last week, the previous day or for the last hour. Not only that, but you can see what people from different geographic locations were searching for. You can also check for more guides on selling on eBay.


There are also several ways you can look for trending products using AliExpress. For this, you need to filter out your results. First, type in keywords related to your product in the search box on the homepage, after that check the boxes with free shipping, and the rating with 4 stars or more, this will show you the best reliable sellers. This is an easy and quick way to look for the most trending products for your eCommerce business.


In conclusion, if you are starting an internet business, it is important to find trending products for your eCommerce business. Any tools at hand will be helpful. This is, first of all, Google Trends, which will provide you with information about the relevance of your products, and help you with your SEO and marketing strategies. And let’s not forget about other handy Internet platforms on which you can look for eCommerce trending products, which are Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. We hope this article was informative and useful to you.