Top Workplace Hacks for Running a Large Office Building


There are many demands of everyday business life, even with a small office space contained to one or two rooms, but how do you ensure effective and productive running when your office building spans several floors and houses hundreds of employees?

Staying connected with good communication is vital in business, but this can become distinctly more difficult the larger the area to cover and the more people to communicate with. If you’re dealing with a large office building or premises, here are some of the top workplace hacks to make your job a lot easier.

Have a Clear Layout

Your building layout should be logical and made with ease in mind. You don’t want to waste valuable business time travelling from one end of the building to the other for a small task. Therefore, think carefully about certain departments or people who would benefit from being directly beside each other, or at least within close range.

Also, make sure that your layout is clearly understood by everyone. Signposting for different levels or rooms in relation to departments can help everyone to navigate the building more easily — especially visitors if you have clients or others on-site regularly.

Take Advantage of Internal Emails

While phone calls can often be seen as the quicker and easier method of communication, email is much better in terms of communication, organization, and reliability. By using email trails, you have a written log of any and all communication.

Not only that, but emails make it extremely easy to include all relevant people, no matter where they are in the building, meaning you can stay connected no matter what.

Use Walkie Talkies Between Vital Departments or People

Having a walkie talkie is exceptionally helpful if you’re moving around the building a lot or trying to connect with someone (such as a warehouse worker) who moves around a lot. Walkie talkies are simple for quick and easy workplace communication, meaning you don’t have to worry about hurrying back to your desk or the nearest phone to make communication. For the best walkie talkie options, you can check out Talkie Spy here!

Schedule Regular Meetings and Reports

It can be very difficult to know what’s happening in other areas of a large building if you’re working in one particular place with limited chance to move around. Regular meetings make sure that all employees can gather in one place and catch up with what’s been happening, or discuss key points.

Reporting can also back this up if you ask other departments to make regular reports of anything which is necessary so that you can stay updated.

Have an Internal System Which Everyone Works From

This allows all workers to literally work from the same page, no matter their department or location within the building. Having an internal system means it can constantly be updated by all employees and departments and provide information for anyone looking at any time. This helps to improve overall communication and makes sure everyone is working from the same information.