Top Industries Rattled by the Advance of AI

Image Source: Dogtown Media

So many sci-fi movies start the same way. The robots have taken over, and the world is a wasteland of what we used to be. While this dystopian future might seem dramatic, it’s a reality that many industries are facing. AI, or artificial intelligence, is taking over. Now, it’s not as disruptive as you might think. It’s more like boiling a frog.

When you plan to boil a frog, you can’t just drop it in scalding water. He’ll just hop right back out. Instead, you have to put him in room temperature water and slowly increase the temperature. The poor little guy won’t notice the gradual increase in heat, so he’ll be boiled and ready-to-serve in no time.

The AI integration is much like the analogy. It’s slow and deliberate. Unlike the analogy, or sci-fi flicks, the AI movement isn’t all doom-and-gloom. In fact, research indicates that consumers want it, and businesses benefit from it.

So, which industries are currently being rattled by the advance of AI? Let’s take a look.

1. Retail

Now, we aren’t just talking about self-service registers or walk-in Amazon stores, here. No, AI in retail has a lot of potential. For instance, there’s supply chain automation, location-based marketing, and tracking the hottest selling products.

One AI integration you might already see popping up in retail is the customer service chatbots on online retailers.

2. Energy

From smart thermostats, to energy regulating software, the AI revolution has just begun in energy. Power plants are beginning to improve their operational efficiency, and the grid is becoming more reliable thanks to AI’s ability to locate and identify faulty transformers and devices.

3. Insurance

From claims to regulations, the insurance industry is a complex maze of paperwork. AI has begun to expedite claims, identify fraud, and check for regulation violations in much quicker timeframes than were once possible.

4. Healthcare

The healthcare industry has remained in the stone ages for a while. Thanks to advancements in technology, the medical world is going digital. AI makes it possible for staff to communicate with other staff and practitioners to auto-connect with their patients.

Medical equipment, pharmaceutical, and vaccine manufacturing is simpler due to AI tech. Beyond that, virtual appointment setting, and test-ordering have also become norm. 

5. Agriculture

Can you think of an industry that seems less techy than agriculture? Despite its roots, farmers have begun monitoring soil conditions and crops with AI. They’ve started employing predictive analytics, too. Drones are also being utilized in full force to collect data and create algorithms to help produce more fruitful crops and predict rough weather conditions.

6. Big Data and Analytics

While there’s always been a level of tech involved in data analytics, AI is becoming a crucial component for collecting and analyzing data. Take, for instance, Salesforce, the well-known CRM. It has its own coding language, and in order to collect, store, and export data, several programs have to run simultaneously. A developer has to go an extra mile when it comes to Salesforce development services to their clients.

It’s a complicated software! No wonder the salesforce consulting services & development industry is blowing up right now. Aside from Salesforce, big data requires AI, because we cannot process information quickly enough to sort and make sense of the amount of data we’re collecting without AI.

Artificial Intelligence: An Inevitable Future

These are just a few of the industries being disrupted and rattled by AI. Experts predict, and consumers demand that this change continues. Ultimately, AI makes our jobs and workflow more manageable, but as with every monumental change, there will be an inevitable adjustment period.

As long as we stand firm and recognize the benefits, and the job market adjusts to accommodate the sweeping changes, AI is a good thing, and it’s revolutionizing our future.