Top Cloud Mining Sites for 2021


If you have been looking for the best cloud mining sites then you have arrived at the right place! Not only do we have the information you need but we have shared it all in one easy to access location so that you can get the best mining results every time. Take five to check out our top picks and then get stuck in!

What is Cloud Mining?

If you haven’t heard of cloud mining then do not worry – we are here to explain it all! Cloud mining is when you join a mining pool and pay for some hash power. Your amount of hash power will dictate the percentage of profit that you receive at each pay-out.

The cloud element of this missing comes from the fact that you do not need to install any hardware of your own, nor will you need to run up any hefty electricity bills because the machines are located in a different area or country (typically one that has much lower electricity costs).

Which Are the Best Mining Sites This Year?

With 2021 in full swing, we have collated the top cloud mining sites for you to choose from and will take you through the reasons behind our choices:


This mining site is located in the United States and was set up in 2013 for users across the globe. The site can be used on a web browser, android device or iOS product and is growing in popularity with more than two million users already signed up. Be warned, they do charge you a 5% fee on every transaction.

IQ Mining

When IQ Mining started trading in in 2016 it provided remote equipment that would enable IQ Mining users to rent and join the cloud mining community. It did not take long for IQ Mining to build up 50,000 users and now three packages are available depending on the user’s requirements. Bronze, Silver and Gold packages are available with the user-friendly interface and profit forecasts are generally quite high compared to other investments. One of the benefits of IQ Mining is that it is suitable for small investments so can be utilised by new users.


One of the things that has made Shamining so popular with users is that their website has been designed to resemble a mining game – making it fun to use and interact with. They offer an accessible system that only requires you to have a minimum of $100 to invest. There is a 24/7 customer service team available and a large community of miners who are ready to help whenever you need them.

Mine With Caution

Any investment is a risk and this is absolutely true when it comes to cloud mining. Yes, cloud mining takes away the onerous and expensive tasks that you may have been trying to avoid but it does not take away the risk of losing your investment. Take the time to find the right mining site for your needs and check them out thoroughly before parting with your cash – this way you are more likely to end up with a genuine mining pool to work with.