Top 5 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is one of the most popular and rapidly growing sectors today. Each and every digital product present in the market is either sold or promoted online. The process of marketing your product online and getting it seen for by the possible customers is called digital marketing. You need several types of digital products to perform digital marketing effectively and drive good ROI – marketing tools and bots are some of the most helpful and supporting weapons being used today.

Artificial intelligence is a world in itself. It was a theory which has been developed in the past few years to be true. Computer systems which are able to perform different types of tasks that require a human level of intelligence and involvement are working without any human being involved in it with just commands.

In the last few years, marketers have started collaborating both the sectors and making digital marketing processes more automated with artificial intelligence in it. These are the top 5 uses of artificial intelligence in digital marketing today that we could find.

1. Creating and Generating Content:

We have been writing content for blogs, marketing, newspapers, and magazines, etc for a long time now. Today as technology advances we get dependent on technology for most of our work. We do have tools today that write content based on data and reports that we provide it with. Artificial intelligence based tool cannot write its own political opinion yet.

The data needs to be provided in a proper format as well as the information. The tools like wordsmith and articoolo are already being used by some of the top ranking press and web pages. One can also create unique content with templates by filling in the gaps and entering the keywords which will lead to the creation of unique content. You might have probably read the content that has been created by an artificial intelligence based tool.

2. Content Curation:

Content curation is being seen in our daily lives. Most people don’t even recognize it. For a website content curation through artificial intelligence makes it possible to connect with visitors priorities and liking. It helps websites and applications to show much more relevant content which visitor will be more interested to read or watch. In the case of e-commerce platforms, they show similar products which either the user has purchased or is searching for and has in his cart.

This technology is used to suggest and show the user personalized recommendations in terms of content and product. For example, If you surf on an e-commerce website and mostly search for mobile phones they would automatically display the new mobile phones on their home page of your login. Also in the case of websites like youtube if I am regularly watching prank videos they would start suggesting me prank videos with notification itself. These happen due to the similarity of keywords as both the videos are using the same keywords to be displayed.

3. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the exact thing that you receive from different brand’s, e-commerce websites, blogs, and websites, etc. A website with artificial intelligence works on machine learning. As described in content curation they analyze your interest, liking. They create data for every particular visitor and draft a mail related to similar products, videos or images.

For example, If I am visiting an e-commerce website and going through the bag’s section and do not purchase a bag due to its price looking for affordable bags or some other reason. At this point, the website will send me different offers of free delivery, discount vouchers and availability of low price bags. Another example could be of Pinterest, where if I am searching for portrait photos regularly they would drop a mail with similar photos link to explore and know which I personally couldn’t find myself.

In email marketing, machine learning also determines the perfect time to pitch the mail which will be close to the time the user regularly visits the website.

4. Digital Advertising:

Digital Advertisement is the digital marketing sector which has most successfully adopted artificial intelligence in digital marketing. It’s similar to email marketing. We do have our email id linked altogether for social and e-commerce websites. Because of which when we surf for a product on an e-commerce website we see the advertisement for the same or similar product on our social media with discounts or offers.

Digital advertising also works with analysis of your interest other than E-commerce websites and showing you the adds which have similar products or is somehow related to that. Google AdWords has automated auctions for advertisers to advertise and pay the lowest possible conversion cost.

5. Searches:

The way of ranking results in search engine for different keywords has been changing due to the new algorithm every time Google updates. The search has been revolutionized with some major updates in the past few years.

The voice search and the rank brain which was launched in 2015 were the major advancements in the search sector. Other than Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are some of the advanced tools for voice search which uses artificial intelligence or machine learning at its best. Google’s machine learning algorithm named RankBrain was developed to get more relevant results. With the help of artificial intelligence, it provides the user best results with the interpretation of the user’s language and context.


Here, we have seen the top 5 ways to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in the sector of digital marketing. There is much more in Artificial Intelligence-based digital marketing which will definitely create a trend in the future.

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