Top 5 Gaming Keyboards to Try in 2021


A true gamer knows the significant difference of gaming on a regular keyboard vs. gaming on a gaming keyboard. The regular keyboards limit your gaming skills, and they hold you back as well. Even the most skilled players struggle on a regular keyboard because of their functions and build quality. In this article, we will discuss the best gaming keyboards that you can buy. Meanwhile, you can also check out this DFS review if you’re into Daily Fantasy Sports.

Regular keyboards are not properly designed to take the load of gaming. They often fail to register so many key inputs together. Sometimes they lag and transmit inputs slowly because of the wirings. A millisecond delay can cause you to lose a game. Regular keyboard uses membrane keyboards and a gaming keyboard has mechanical switches. Membrane keyboards can generally take up to 6 simultaneous inputs and typically have a delay of 30 milliseconds.

On the other hand, a gaming keyboard aka mechanical keyboard can take more than 6 simultaneous inputs and the delay of input is about 6 to 5 milliseconds, way faster than a regular membrane keyboard. Then there is the input registering process. In a regular keyboard, you need to press a key all the way down to insert an input, but in a gaming/ mechanical keyboard, you don’t really need to press the key all the way down, which is surprisingly beneficial!

Speaking of benefits, gaming keyboards have extra accessory keys, which can be very helpful in for example, accessing your inventory, changing weapons etc. This can boost your performance and it can turn a noob gamer into a pro.

So, now that you know about the benefits and necessity of having a gaming keyboard, you might want to buy one. If you really don’t have any idea about gaming keyboards, then don’t be alarmed. We got you covered.

In this article we have reviewed 5 of the best gaming keyboards you can review.

1. Corsair K100 RGB Optical Keyboard

Featuring optical switches, the Corsair K100 is one of the best gaming keyboards out in the market. This premium keyboard has a vast amount of RGB to enhance its look. It has got all the features.

From dedicated media buttons, volume control to USB pass through and RGB lightings. The optical switch reduces the delay in feedback. Each key is designed to match all finger sizes. The keyboard has all the basic necessities and all the extra features a gaming keyboard needs.

2. Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razer Huntsman Elite is top on speed. It has the next level mechanical keyboards combined with optical sensors. The mechanical keyboards have a 6-8 milliseconds delay. Combined with the optical sensors, this keyboard has no delay in feedback.

Aside from the fast input feedback, it has RGB lights and other necessity features for a gamer.

3. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

This keyboard has Roccats own technology of Titan switches. Roccat claimed that the Titan switches are great for typing and fast enough for gamers to play competitive gaming.

The Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo has very gorgeous lighting. The keyboard also features accessory switches like volume control and media buttons. You can even call it the sci-fi keyboard. Moreover, the keyboard has detachable foam pads for your hands comfort.

4. Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

This is one of the best keyboards that you can buy under $100. Even though it is less than $100, it features premium equipment and technologies like the membrane and mechanical combined mem-chanical keyboards. Because of the mem-chanical, you can put on tons of pressure on the keyboard without worrying about damaging it. Perfect for those who frequently rash out and bash their keyboards with their fists in losing a match.

This keyboard has a slick compact design with illustration lighting and you will receive a mediocre gaming mouse with the pack.

5. Steelseries Apex Pro

This is one of the most premium keyboards on our list, featuring a beautiful aluminium body and embodied beautiful RGB lights. Speaking of lights, it has a beautiful looking OLED display that changes the look of the keyboard completely and pushes it to the next level.

The keyboard features custom actuation, solid build quality, keyboard backlit and comfortable typing experience. Also you have the quiet magnetic switch in this keyboard which is super comfortable to type. Just like its high tech equipment, it is also top on delivering user experience.

The magnetic switches are very smooth to press and with instant feedback; you can nail the game and beat your competitors. So, if you are talking about both performance and technology, this one is our top pic.

So these were our pick of the top 5 gaming keyboards. Be sure to check them all out and pick the right one for your setup.