Top 5 Essential SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

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Every marketing investment is done with the objective of earning high returns on the investment and digital marketing is not an exception. How would we know if the implemented marketing strategy is successful? This is the juncture where many digital agencies look for some reporting tools to measure the success of the strategy. These reporting tools will not only help the agencies to take some timely corrective actions but also showcase progress to the client. The current article is to highlight SEO tools that are needed for the digital agencies.

Before we look into top reporting tools that are available for the reporting agencies, understanding the features that are needed in the tools helps you to take an informed decision.

Features to check in the reporting tools

  • The tools you should be able to report accurate regional data as per marketing needs when the target is local audience rather than global data.
  • The tools should feature third-party integration to facilitate full-scale digital marketing campaigns.
  • The tool should have good scalability along with the reporting features like position tracking, monitoring backlinks, competitor analysis.’
  • The tools should have customization feature as per the requirements of the clients and stand client friendly while using the tool.
  • The reporting tools to facilitate exporting the report to the clients, automation of the reports at scheduled intervals.

Top five SEO reporting tools  

Agency analytics

The reporting tools best suits for the needs for start-ups and medium enterprises. The tool tends to be cost-effective and facilities unlimited staff and client logins.  It features automated report generation at scheduled intervals to keep the clients informed about the progress of the digital marketing strategies.  The company can purchase additional campaigns and keyword credits on reaching default hit. The reporting tool also has third-party integration with 30+ tools.  However, the issue of generating complete reports is hindered by an interruption in the transmission of data from the third party tools.

Google search console

Google ranks on the top for everything it does and it is not an exception for SEO reporting tool.  The tool helps the digital agency to gain powerful insights into website activity.  You will get all the required data to optimize the campaign as per the ongoing marketing needs.  A detailed report gained from multiple search engines will give insights into backlinks, keyword search and even mobile experience of the customers.


The reporting tool has some special features that you will love it for. The software has a full suite of tools that can be put to best use by any medium enterprise.  This is an effective tool for the agencies that are looking for the software with the best features in the budgetary limits.  The software showcases a transparent picture of data analytics by breaking down traffic and keywords. Search console integration to the software helps to discover all the backlinks and conduct auditing to remove dangerous backlinks.  The magic keyword tool brings over 2 million keyword ideas to help you choose best. It also features ad builder that helps the digital agencies craft compelling ad text to schedule client’s Google posts as well as social media posts.


The software reporting tool works best at your needs when your objective is to achieve quality traffic, higher ranking and obtain measurable results. Along the side of tracking the website ranking both locally and nationally, the reporting tool provides data about which keywords are driving traffic to the website. The software also has a feature to crawl the website at scheduled intervals to identify hard to detect spots and report them.  With the realistic data provided by the reporting tool, custom reports can be generated with the real data to support successful campaigns.

Google Data Studio

When compared to other software tools that are available in the market, Google data studio needs more time and investment to set up. Though operating the tool seems to be more technical, it is easy for the ones that are familiar with Google analytics.  The best part of this reporting tool is its superior integration with other Google tools like search console, YouTube, ads, and analytics.  Proper integration of the tool facilities reports customization pulling lead information along with customer information.


There are many SEO reporting tools available for the digital agencies, however, you need to check in the features of these reporting tools to ensure you are picking the right one as per your business requirements.

Bylined Article By: Amit Chauhan is the Founder & CEO at SearchClap. Amit is an Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO Consultant, Link Building specialist &Maps marketing Specialist. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.