Top 5 Cisco Certifications in Demand


Cisco one of the industry leaders in creating enterprise solutions for large scale businesses as well as SMEs. These consist of Networking infrastructure, Wireless and Mobility platforms as well as security hardware essentials for the operation of every enterprise. To deploy and maintain this hardware as well as integrate it with software and a business’s operation smoothly, the tech experts working in an organization need technical skills. Cisco has developed a platform which enables IT professionals to verify their expertise. They can do that by getting a Cisco certification. There is a Cisco Certification intended for every specialized task in relation to Cisco networks. Every Cisco certification is part of the multi-tiered Cisco Career Certification Program that offers a whole spectrum of certifications varying from the very basic to expert level certifications.

Although every Cisco Certification is acclaimed in its particular field of specialization within the Cisco Network, some Cisco Certifications are more beneficial for Individuals and have a larger scope, than others. This article will talk about the Top 5 Cisco certifications you should consider.

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) is one of the two entry-level certifications that Cisco offers. This Cisco Certification is intended to be the starting point for individuals in the field of IT. IT serves as a basis for individuals to progress further in their respective fields and attain more advanced certification such as associate-level certifications (i.e. CCNA Wireless Certification, CCNA Routers & Switching, CCNA Cloud etc.) and advanced training, (i.e. Cisco switch training, Cisco collaboration training etc.) CCENT tests the networking, administration and support skills at an amateur level and validates the expertise of individuals in deploying, managing and monitoring them in small business networks. Moreover, CCENT is your first step toward CCNA, the associate-level certification in the Cisco Career Certification Program and will help you get ahead of the curve in the job market.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA R&S)

This Cisco certification is perhaps one of the most in-demand and valuable for Cisco Network Engineers. Individuals can attain key skills through cisco switch training and get validation for their expertise through this Cisco certification. The prerequisite for any CCNA certification is getting an entry-level Cisco certification, such as CCENT. The CCNA R&S is aligned with the job roles and demand of today’s business dynamics in mind and provides you with the necessary skills needed to manage emerging trends and cutting-edge network solutions. The role of CCNA Router & Switching has become even more important as businesses are shifting towards controller-based architectures. This certification thoroughly tests the Cisco switch training individuals have received and their expertise in the related tasks of their job description as network engineers. 

Although this certification and Cisco switch training are of immense importance for every business, there is another very important department in a Cisco network, and it is catered by CCNA Wireless certification. Cisco switch training, as well as CCNA wireless certification, make up some of the most important and valuable expertise and skillset individuals can offer for a Cisco network.

CCNA Wireless Certification

CCNA wireless certification, as the name suggests, is intended to enhance IT professionals’ skills in Wireless LAN configuration, deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting Cisco Wireless networks. The importance of wireless networks cannot be overstated, as in today’s highly interconnected and globalized world these networks have become an absolute necessity and have a significant positive on the business communication, through a significant reduction in costs and time. In order to achieve a well optimized wireless network, it is paramount that a skilled workforce is available. This certification enhances an IT professional’s understanding of Local Area Networks and allows them to better implement and greatly increase the performance of wireless networking infrastructure in place.

Cisco Cloud (CCNA/CCNP Cloud)

Cloud computing is taking over the business world. Deploying and managing cloud platforms have now become must-have skills for all IT professionals. CCNA is a promising foundational level certification for individuals penetrating through the hierarchy and trying to excel their careers as Cloud professionals.

It enhances their cloud expertise as well as adapt to emerging trends and changing business demands. This certification validates and enables individuals to provide beginner-level provisional duties and perform support tasks for Cisco Cloud Solutions. With the rapidly growing trend of cloud computing, the demand for cloud certified professionals is only expected to rise, and there could not be a more suitable time to get these certifications.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security (CCIE Security)

With the increasing connectivity, globalization and widespread use of internet and emerging technologies such as IoT, the risk of potential vulnerabilities in a business’s IT infrastructure increases. One of the Most popular Cisco Certification is CCIE Security, which happens to be the top tier expert-level certification on the multi-tiered Cisco Career Certification Program. It is a technical qualification intended for IT experts with experience in maintaining Cisco Securities and technologies and are looking to further specialize and upgrade their skill set. This program highlights and validates the security experts who have expertise in designing, engineering, deploying, troubleshooting and sustaining security protocols in Cisco networks. This high-level certification is one of the most popular Cisco certifications and provides more value to the skills of expert security professional. The importance of security for any business could not be overstated, and CCIE Security program offers the credibility that all businesses seek when hiring experts who will be responsible for various security protocols that uphold the integrity of the network.

The abovementioned certifications are some of the popular ones that have the most demand. But Cisco offers a plethora of other certifications, on varying levels, that recognize the skill sets of professionals belonging to every department related to a Cisco Network. IT professionals can expect to greatly increase their value a career prospects after pursuing any of the abovementioned Cisco Certifications, depending on their skill levels.