Top 5 AI Healthcare Trends

AI Healthcare illustration

By the year 1990, individuals were not aware of the internet particularly known as the World Wide Web was lined up to play havoc with the contemporary culture.

In the year 2019, Artificial intelligence has proved itself as the game-changer in each and everything that revolves around the technology and the internet.

Along with innovations in healthcare, AI has been predicted to be in the pool of $200 billion industry by the year 2025 and even the major investors are crawling to get into the AI industry so that their investments in the industry can bring the desired success.

While on the other hand there are consumers and users who are eagerly waiting to come up with new healthcare apps along with the functionality of AI into it.

The ongoing AI trends set’s one sight on improving the results of the patients, it often provides a wide range of choices that matches the interests of the healthcare industry investors along by reducing the costs of medical services that get provided to the patient.

Assistive robots and chatbots are being used all over the major platforms of the internet and in almost every sector whether it is healthcare, medical and much more.

In healthcare, there are various support robots and chatbots that help in treating and diagnosing the health problems and issues of the people whether they get their treatment remotely.

Some robots in AI are configured in such a manner that they can even conduct cognitive tests and behavioural therapies for the patients.

There are always changes taking place according to the current flow and demand of the market and there are majorly five trends that help in the structural formation of the future of AI in the healthcare industry.

Let us discuss those 5 major trends in detail:

1. Patient-centred Approach

Whenever the license is procured for practice by the physicians than patients are considered as the top priority over all the principles.

Patient-centric intensive care faced a major setback because of rising costs in healthcare along with restricted medical resources and where the demand for medical services is rapidly increasing.

Furthermore, the overall medical environment has been changing rapidly and the number of patients facing chronic diseases and illness is increasing which drags the healthcare professionals in a dilemma as they feel they are not fully equipped to take proper care of the patients.

This might be one of the reasons why researchers and IT professionals are building AI  that helps the doctor and other healthcare professionals by providing a Patient-centred approach.

The standardized approach of apps on smartphones and devices for home care and health solutions is transforming the outlooks of the healthcare industry.

This centralized approach of patients in AI is further making it easier for both doctors as well as patients to deliver and receive high-quality care.

Individuals are inclined more towards participating in high-quality care and Artificial intelligence helps in taking that trend to keep moving forward.

2. Data-Driven medicine

Medicines are driven by science and technology and data drives the mechanism and subjects of Science.

Medical care is expected to get upgraded if patients can voluntarily approach the records of their own medical documents and keep it accessible for their further use.

Experts are of the opinion that such data is not structured ina complete way which makes it more difficult to navigate the flow of information and healthcare data mining can get possible with the help of AI.

The utilization of electronic health data from patients all over from the country got accessible with the help of Artificial intelligence.

AI assembles data that can be further used for clinical research and reviews and there are programs that are specially designed for identifying treatments depending on the evidence which a patient produces.

Data is an important component for AI which is highly responsive and it is for knowledgeable medical decisions that make the bond much stronger between data and medicines.

3. Medical Imaging

The potentiality to grab images of the human anatomical structures has made a revolutionary change in the healthcare industry.

Not only radiologists and doctors can monitor patients suffering from cancer but the potential of using technology to construct and made new inventions and discoveries in the era of the human brain.

Scanning and X-rays get too expensive when patients do not possess any medical claim and insurance.

The major focus of IT professionals has taken drift and now they are finding out new ways of developing cheaper AI imaging machines and software.

For example, Google Deepmind’s medical assistance of imaging can identify around 50 eye diseases which can threaten even the eyesight.

Other AIs in the market can further recognize markers of strokes, specify lungs and liver and can even identify the kids and children who are facing dyslexia and autism with just an IOS app.

There is also an AI that can perceive tuberculosis and the experts also believe that there are no specific and predefined limits where AI can not function and operate properly.

4. Improving Healthcare Communication

According to research, almost millions of Americans die every year with the medical errors that were preventive.

Medical errors are the third largest reason for the deaths in the American population followed by cancer and heart diseases.

Among 80% of such cases takes place due to the miscommunication in the course of patient care transfer.

The communication in the healthcare staff is not the sole problem as the patient-doctor relationship is getting exhausted though doctors are trying their level best to improve it.

Research and development in Artificial intelligence are likely to answer the question and bridge the gap between patients and doctors by providing a platform for better communication in the healthcare industry.

There are a number of apps that provide patients to allow and chat with doctors and provide a specific schedule for their appointments from the comfort of their home.

New technology also facilitates doctors and physicians to compare themselves with other doctors who are dealing with the same category of patients and what are the ways that are been adopted by others whether it is medicine, advice or anything else.

Improving communication between patients and doctors and doctor to the doctor becomes an important part of its continuous growth and development of the medical industry.

That’s the reason why major giants like Google and Microsoft are looking for ways to crawl into this AI healthcare industry.

5. Information Technology

The major shift in the era of IT where development and growth in the healthcare industry combined with technology is the major talk of the town.

The focus on medical products has been transmitted to the services and solutions in the past few decades.

Presently our focus is on real-time, outcome-based care and the upcoming decade is taking the next move in medical solutions using AI, robotics and virtual and augmented reality which provides intelligent and convenient solutions for evidence and outcome-based health.

The successful operations of health on IT proves to reap benefits in the next few decades as well.

Wrapping up

In spite of the growth and development in Artificial intelligence in healthcare and the challenges of AI, components can address such issues on their own.

Searching for new technology and marketing teams to control and manage the development in the healthcare industry.

Such teams are required to get large quantitative and qualitative data for AIs to learn and also make a point to optimize their imaging and processing systems to make sure of the validity in artificial intelligence.

By implementing such changes in the uniform standards for the use of AI in healthcare there will be a gradual shift towards the increase in demand.

The future of Artificial intelligence is indeed the brightest future when compared with the rest of the technology.

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