Top 12 IoT App Trends to Expect in 2022

IoT app trands in 2022

Technology for mankind is the blessing of science to humanity. The pace of innovation, especially in the internet era is so fast that it can connect and control all the technology-based devices and form a miniature network of all the devices you wish the system to control. This is known as the Internet of Things or IoT, in short. Based on the behavior of the user, this system collects data through connected devices and without any human intervention, sets up a close network to support the overall device network.

Since the advent of this interconnected technology, from home-based devices to the large manufacturing factories and smart cities, IoT helped to improve efficiency, productivity, visibility, connectivity, saved time, and human intervention a lot. But the interesting part of technology is, it never stops, and it improves continuously, thanks to the emerging IoT app development companies.

Top 12 IoT App trends for the future:

Our life is now changing from regular to a smarter way, thanks to IoT. It has revolutionized the civilization with less human effort. The ever-changing nature of this technology allows us to observe unbelievable developments in many sectors. Here are the top 12 IoT app trends which are going to make a paradigm shift in 2022.

  1. 5G technology integration: The massive upliftment of IoT from the current phase to its future requires superfast internet speed and connectivity. 5G is the 5th generation of the mobile network and is meant to deliver high-GBPS peak data speed, ultra-low latency, and more reliability. As per data from Qualcomm, this will be 100 times faster than the earlier (the 4G). Therefore, the integration of IoT with 5G will give a boost to the filtration of this technology into each and every corner of our life.
  2. Industrial IoT: IoT has helped to convert conventional industries into smart factories. This IoT theme is appropriately synchronizing with the industry 4.0 concept to connect all types of machinery with the internet and make them safer and more efficient. Internet of things parallelly connected with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality can show amazing results in cost reduction, productivity improvement, reducing lead time, strengthening the supply chain, inventory management, and most importantly making the workplace safer.
  3. IoT in Healthcare: Healthcare is one of the most important sectors where IoT has brought massive changes. We can recall the earlier days when it was mandatory to visit the doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. No proper health monitoring system was there to track the condition of patients. The IoT era facilitates us with numerous benefits. Especially the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the IoT-based companies to bring in huge changes in this sector. IoT is providing direct benefits like:
  • Real-time health monitoring and prompting any alarming situation
  • Better and faster patient-doctor connectivity
  • Faster and error-free data analysis and reporting system
  • Remote medical assistance
  • Reduction of traveling time and saving precious time
  • Error-free data preservation

Smart devices like smartwatches are equipped with huge features that provide real-time heartbeat, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen level monitoring system, and more. There is no doubt that in the future, IoT-based apps will come up with more convenient features and facilities.

  1. SaaS with IoT: Software as a service (SaaS) is a booming business now. Many experts say that this covid-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for this growth. These services will make future businesses simpler and more economic. The immediate availability and competitive cost are the key aspects of this business which is making it more popular.
  2. Improving security systems with IoT: The more IoT-based devices are available and connected to the internet, the more they are prone to cyber-attack. There are plenty of devices available with almost everybody and all of them are connected to the internet and unfortunately, those are not that much secured. Hackers can easily access all the data and passwords, which can lead to massive issues. Making the system more protected and secured is a future challenge for programmers and developers.
  3. Smart home utilities: Smart home is not at all a dream today. IoT devices like Alexa or Google home are making people’s life more effortless. In near future, all electronic devices will become smart and will be connected through the internet, making every household routine work, free from human intervention.
  4. Edge computing: It is a technology that ensures the data is stored and analyzed before moving to the cloud system for use. Data is the most vital attribute of IoT and the proper storage, analysis and usage are very important for the effective functioning of the system. With the growth of IoT-based industries, the importance of cutting-edge computing technology will also grow rapidly.
  5. More AI in daily life: IoT can connect different electronic devices and automate them for better efficiency. Whereas Artificial Intelligence analyzes a massive set of data to take an intelligent and smart decision. The combination of these two sets of high-end technology is making life easier and businesses more effective and profitable. This is just the beginning, and a wave is yet to come in this tech field.
  6. Autonomous cars and Transportation, the future: Automobile technology is rapidly changing its phase, from fossil fuel to electricity-driven vehicles and from human driving to autonomous cars. Many giant companies are already working on self-driven technology and surely to make this possible, IoT-based tech apps will also come into the very near future.
  7. Smart cities with IoT features: The governments of different countries are also keen to convert their cities into smart cities. The system collects data of the residents and analyzes the pattern and other aspects to predict a pattern and the government uses the same to provide seamless services in a faster and more convenient way. In coming years, governments will also be going to launch many mobile applications related to the access and usage of smart facilities which will be a massive up-gradation of IoT.
  8. Resource optimization through IoT: Resources are the most expensive assets for any organization. Companies do not want their valuable resources to do repetitive tasks. With the use of IoT, organizations are now making decisions to do the repetitive works by the system and can utilize the resources for more valuable and important tasks.
  9. Blockchain with IoT: Most of the aspects of the current world have moved to digitization already. Even the money is also transforming its presence into the digital form. Cryptocurrencies have gained massive popularity in many countries, and it is not fair that we all are going to have money in digital form only. But the security part is the most concerning thing in this field.


Technological developments have taken such a big role in our life that we cannot imagine our day-to-day life without hi-tech electronic gadgets and the internet. With a single phone and applications, we can efficiently control our lives. This it is very clear that mobile applications will bring tremendous changes in our future. In 2022, such changes will be managed through our smartphones. If you are a tech-savvy person and love to keep an eye on the latest trends and technologies, this article is going to quench your thirst.