Top 10 Must-Have Features for Developing a Food Delivery App

Food delivery app design with illustration

The pandemic called out for a significant change in every industry and On-demand food delivery is not an exception to it.

All the food delivery apps are the new invaders in the food industry hindering the traditional food business.

On-demand services are the new trend and its services are being highly adored by the individuals.

The ease and convenience of these services which are provided to the individuals on their instant placement of order as per their time or when they decide not to prepare food at home.

Such instant approval of the demanded requests from various restaurants makes it more appealing to the customers.

All the business owners are looking for the ways to develop their own On-demand food delivery app.

The customer app must include following features and the features which are to be integrated in the app are as follows:

The end of the business and the app lies with customers and providing them the perfect user experience while they use the apps.

The most challenging part for the developers as well as business owners is to integrate the features which make an appeal to the users when they come in contact with the app. However, you can refer food delivery app development guide to understand the features, costs, business models and benefits of building food delivery applications.

The customer app must provide the access to the online food ordering systems by connecting with the available restaurants to place an order around the city.

Searching for the right restaurants and finding the perfect dish to serve the customers when they are placing an order and then comes the most important aspect which is payment.

Here comes the list of top 10 features which needs to be included in the app to make it more appealing to the users.

#1 Registration and creation of user’s profile

The first and foremost step where a user connects when they use the app is the profile.

With the registration and management of the profile, the user can customize the needs as well as it might add some personal information in the app.

The preferences get selected from the wide range of options available to the users.

The registration features must be made much more smoother and any complexities in the basic profile will diminish the interest of the customers.

Including the options for registration using the social media accounts with quicker and with accurate speed.

The convenience towards registering the users with the apps, the quicker it is to search and grab the favourite food.

The profile management features in the profile option can help in editing the profiles of the customers and can even customize the settings and preferences of the customers.

Including all the basic features is more than enough when we talk about the customer’s profile.

The security of the passwords must not be ignored by the app developers as it contains the customized information of the users.

#2 Search and find food easily

This is the most important feature whenever we talk about food delivery app.

After logging in the account and performing profile customization, the users will try to look at what to eat and when.

The users might have come up and opened the app to know and see what appears good. In such cases the features to search and find the suitable restaurants and food of their choices can be very useful.

The perfect method to make it work and to have the smart list for all the restaurants and other cuisines needs to get organized according to the locations, types of food, different cuisines and other food preferences.

With the help of such smart list features the customers can make it easier for the users to search and get what they want to eat.

All they need to do is to get through the lists to make the recommendations of all the restaurants which helps in specifying the list.

#3 Check the restaurants profile

The most prominent way to know the restaurants is to overlook the profile of the restaurants and read the ratings and reviews of the restaurants from different food lovers and frequent visitors.

Restaurant profiles can provide the perfect idea when it comes to knowing the restaurants, its location and what kind of food delivery is available along with the price of the product.

This ensures that the food ordering mobile app must include these specific features.

#4 Add the food to the cart

This is one of the most crucial features which cannot be ignored in the initial phase of developing an app.

This feature can help the customers to be handy if the customers needs to repeat his order or place an order from the same location.

Such a feature assists the customers in making an order from different restaurants as well.

With this cart feature, the customers can add the food items in the cart and can place their orders.

#5 Schedule the orders

Scheduling the orders is another feature which helps in keeping the customers more engaged and ahead of time when it comes to knowing the timings of the food when it will get delivered.

The order scheduling system can help the customers to skip the waiting room and can get their orders at their convenience or at the same time when they reach back home after completing their office hours.

Such an ease and convenience to the customers might make your app unique as many apps which are blooming in this sector did not develop such features and this feature in your app might help in making the app achieve the desired level of result.

#6 Delivery person contact information

After placing an order and making the confirmation of the payments, the customers should get the detailed information of the person who will be coming to deliver the food item.

This will save the time of both the customer as well as the person making the deliveries.

The direct contact between these two parties will solve the problems related to searching the home and the customer might navigate the delivery personnel with short-cuts which can make the deliveries happen on time.

#7 Make it easy to pay

After placing the orders comes the options for payment. This is one of the crucial aspects of the business as well as for the business owners.

Including the multiple payment information with an ease and different modes of payment often increase the goodwill of the app among the customers as they don’t feel any specific need to get to the ATM and get the cash in hand to make the payment to the delivery personnel.

The digital modes of payment have made it more easy and convenient for the individuals.

The online payment information must be secured and safe and any compromise to such security measures might cause much harm to the reputation through which they suffer.

#8 Order history

The order history feature will be helping the customer to look for the previous orders. Such convenience for these individuals will help them to place similar orders for the next time.

This is the perfect method to make the users place the same orders again without having a chance to search and pick up the restaurants as well as the dishes of their choices can get added to the cart.

#9 Track the orders

After placing the orders, the customers can easily make out how much time they need to wait to fulfill their hunger.

By showing the real-time and driver’s route the customers can evade the frustration level and time remaining to get the delivery of food items.

With such features the users can easily track down their orders and what is the status of the food item.

#10 Ratings and reviews

The apps must be rated along with the rating and reviews provided to the restaurants by the customers.

When the customer provides reviews to the restaurants, the restaurants can get to know the needs of the customers and along with that they can easily get to know the areas where they need to improve their services and sometimes the quality and quantity of the food.

Reviews and ratings provided to the customers might also improve the ratings and the rate of download when we talk about the food delivery apps.

The Concluding Lines

Developing the food delivery app for online food ordering platforms is the need of an hour and the perfect method to boost up the business.

Whether you are a restaurant owner or the third party delivery service provider, the right paths and process for the food delivery app might include the integration of the right features along with an ease and convenience which gets provided to the users. All the essential features when put to the perfect place will definitely bring the positive rewards for the business.