Top 10 Chatbot Development Companies

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In this ERA of technology, the chatbot is now changing the world through its drastic technology. Huge traffic of industries is integrating this AI technology to their website to increase the traffic and improve the customer’s experience. Still the industries which haven’t integrated this technology to their business process are suffering froma huge number of problems and they are in stuck in such a big dilemma that either to go with chatbot technology or with the same as they are right now. for reaching to the right point of solution those industries need to get clear from the question’s mentioned below.

  • First thing what is a chatbot? Why it is declared as the big opportunity for business? What is the flow of work? How it will meet the customer needs and fulfill it?

The chatbot can be defined as artificial intelligence (AI) software and this bot can simulate conversation, or it can chat through the different messaging platforms, from the website and many more mobile applications to the user in its natural language. The chatbot is declared as the most advanced and promising platform for the interaction between the humans and business machines for enhancing the customer’s experience. Through the technological point of view, the chatbot only represents the natural evaluation of the question and answer system with its natural language processing system (NLP). On the other hand, it offers an opportunity for the companies to improve their customer engagement process at the same time it reduces the typical cost of customer services.

Hope so above paragraph has made it clear that what exactly it is

Top 10 Chatbot Development Companies

HubSpot : – Is in the first position on the website for offering the chatbot to the businesses and they believe that all three things marketing, services and the sales help the business to grow with their software and says this is good for the business and for the customers as well.

Kore.Ai : – offers the only enterprise grade and end to end conversational bot platform for various functions like creating, training, testing, designing and more they offer the bot for use in popular business communication channels.

Streebo Chatbot Builder : – It is easy for the IT and the Line of business-peoples even they can assemble, intuitive and click the chatbot interface with Streebo DXA. By using chatbot builder tool it helps to design the structured two-way communication. Even can easily integrate the bot any backend of your choice.

SnatchBot : – Helps to their customers to eliminate the complexity and also helps them to build the best platform of messaging experience for the customers. Even gives them a robust administrative feature to their customer to encourage the traffic.

Engati : – Without any kind of coding and programming the engati provides a platform which helps to build a chatbot and this bot is available in different platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik and other it offers features like Voice, Contextual, training and more.

BotCore : – Can be defined as an accelerator which enables the different organization to train, build and launch the customized form of the conversational bots and which is as same powered by the Artificial intelligence another addition in the feature is the cognitive abstraction which leverages the AI services today and tomorrow.

Motion.AI : – It says that the future of marketing is based on the messaging and the are even more excited to create the visual chatbot by using the platform of HubSpot to their site and it believes that by the acquisition of the HubSpot with the Motion.AI will bring the business to the better engage, close and convert.

Botsify : – It creates the chatbot for the customers without any king of coding and which helps to create the own artificial intelligence based chatbot for the organization and which create smoother customer response experience even helps to create a rule based technical bot.

ChatFuel : – It is the leading company for creating the chatbot bot especially on the Facebook platform. And it can be used to create a simple form of a chatbot rapidly it allows the user to choose the templates for a variety of the common use cases. Even at a time of interaction, it automates the hand off to a real support.

Floatbot : – Is designed as the omni – channel bot and Voicebot as well with this platform it helps to boost the ratio of the customer satisfaction, in features it requires minimum coding for it because it is designed by the deep neural network of the artificial intelligenc