Top 10 Best Mobile app ideas for startups in 2020


Undoubtedly, mobile apps are becoming more and more like making it difficult for businesses without apps to grow continuously in the future. From start-ups to leading businesses, everyone gets their own mobile apps dedicated to attracting more customers with a mobile device. However, do you think launching an app is as easy as it seems?

If you think that launching an app is just a matter of choosing the app’s development technology, methods, and features, you might be mistaken. According to a Statistic study, more than 5 million applications are already available on the appropriate platforms. If so, how can you make your app stand out from the crowd of top app design agency available?

All you need is a multi-million dollar app development idea and a great software development company that can add life to your app’s concept.

However, in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, there is clearly one sector that needs urgent help for new mobile applications. And that’s the health care sector, where all health technology organizations, startups, and even patients are looking for smart ways to keep track of their health.

Ideas for the Flu or Virus Covid-19 health app

1. Telemedicine Apps Like MDLIVE or Live Health

In view of the increasing prevalence of COVID-19 viruses worldwide, doctors and other medical professionals are clearly in the worst position. On the one hand, people from all parts of the world suffer from physical and psychological stress and corona virus infection, and on the other hand, the medical team finds it challenging to pay attention to each patient. Choose the best digital marketing agency or email marketing companies. The adoption of telemedicine applications such as Am well, MDLIVE, and Live Health with high user ratings, quality, and complete reliability seems promising for remote health services. Users can quickly access doctors even with non-emergency issues during locking.


  • Visual support and Chabot
  • Internal calendar and appointment planning program
  • Pharmacy Collaboration
  • Collaboration with certified physicians
  • Live video sessions with doctors to discuss the disease and medications

2. Health and Nutrition Testing Systems such as HealthyOut, Nutrients or MyFitnessPal

Everyone knows that the only way to protect you from Coronavirus is to develop a strong immune system. And this will not happen without creating the perfect balance of healthy food in your body. With the help of this app, the user can check the proper level of nutrients needed to fight this viral period.

Hire an android app development agency or lead generation companies to create a nutritious food app that will work extraordinarily and help users track daily diet, calorie intake, and good nutrition guide for age and body size by remembering this flu season.


  • Follow a diet and exercise program
  • Wise health improvement tips from experts
  • Tracking water within the system and calorie calculation feature
  • Availability of app integration and easy-to-follow tracking device
  • In-video video chat to discuss adequate nutrition with a dietitian or fitness expert

3. Location Tracking Programs for

Location tracking app

Unlike a few common location tracking apps like Google Maps, FamiSafe, mSpy- it’s time to think differently here. Hire mobile app developing agencies or email marketing companies to customize the app with such features that provide instant access to a specific location. By simply linking your app to “Mobile Bluetooth Functionality”, you can easily find all your contacts within certain limits. And location tracking apps with such features can be very helpful for users to detect an infected person if there is a contact.


  • Live / offline location sharing online
  • In-app messages use AI Chabot
  • Keep a record of all the places visited in the past and keep a travel history

4. Home-cooked food ordering app

Whether it’s your special day or an evening house party, everyone usually orders food at restaurants, but we all miss that freshly cooked food at home. Or what if you are too busy to cook but still want home-made food?

According to research, 53% of Americans are considered foodies, which is a good percentage of users who should work. With the help of skilled digital marketing agencies or lead generation companies, you can create a much-needed home-cooked order app that allows users to get freshly prepared food at low prices.


  • Food customization app
  • Multilingual support
  • Search dishes at meal time
  • Search for home-cooked cooks and cookies
  • Seamless payment combination
  • Add a customer review or feedback option
  • Internal calendars and pre-book booking system

5. Picture Translation Program

When traveling across the border, one of the most common problems is language translation, speaking foreign languages ​​or understanding travel directions. What if you hired an iOS app developer to create an app using Google Lenses and Google Translator to translate any image, picture, text boards or objects into the selected local language, choose the best crm strategy? As travel is an enduring industry, so introducing these types of apps can be a huge success for your business.


  • Multilingual translators
  • Voice commands
  • Image, text, or object recognition and translation
  • Clear pronunciation feature

6. Book Donation App

With 34% of the world’s illiteracy rate, building a book donation app is one of the best ideas on the list. With the rising cost of education, there are very poor sections of society who cannot afford new books. NGOs and libraries can access book donation programs to collect books for the needy and can help reduce illiteracy. Simple but unique ideas like book donation apps can create a platform where donors and recipients can connect and meet the needs of the community.


  • Subscribe to provider and recipient
  • Place of capture
  • Title or Type of book (textbook / university textbook / magazine or novel)
  • Enter a picture of the book to find the status

7. AR Based Room Decoration Programs

Are you annoyed by hiring expensive interior decorators to decorate a small part of your house? Let users become their own designers using AR-based room decorating app.

AR- is a reality that can help you style your room by simply using your camera and placing 3D models of various objects on the stage to help you understand the final look of the room. With the help of an AR-based room decorating app, users can create space on your phone and easily determine what goes best in a room.


  • Insert a photo of the room
  • Try and choose from a wide selection of wallpaper designs and wall colors
  • Try different furniture and decorative items and give access to your purchase
  • Save the final design

8. O-On-Demand Bike Servicing App

Demand for car applications is common these days, but there is no platform where two wheels can look for road help. As these apps are integrated with a wide selection of bike service channels and are well-organized by location, so users can easily access the steps to take steps and steps to enter the door, road help with this app.

The biggest advantage is, it reduces your waiting time and allows you to manage your long-term service without leaving the comfort of your home.


  • Register user profile
  • Search for the nearest service station
  • Sharing instant contact information with users and service provider

9. Travel App

Travel Bag
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We usually make travel plans, but when it comes to evacuation, half the people feel stuck or abandoned their travel plan. However, a modern but organized travel app can make a big difference. Hire app developers or adopt crm strategy to design a travel app that helps users explore places as they like and customize a travel plan according to their budget.


  • Chatbots based on AI are basic FAQs
  • Listing of areas within the defined categories
  • Calculation fee
  • Add to wishlist

10. Real Business Investment Promotion Program

As COVID19 badly hits the global economy and puts everyone’s budget at an alarming level, therefore, businesses are looking for the best investment plan by 2020 to survive in a sinking market. With the help of a leading software development company, you can develop an application that provides the right direction and investment tools in the right business idea.

Create an investor profile and allow them to submit their basic information, their interest rates, investment limits, time and more. Investment planners can analyze the needs of investors and provide a good investment plan that fully meets their needs.


  • Access to ideas sharing
  • Scheduling time for a professional interview
  • Investor interaction
  • Creating an interface to match investment plans with investor budget limits


Coming up with a good app idea is not a big challenge if you have a clear idea and know what goals you want to achieve with this app. But other than that, sometimes having an expensive budget and a good app idea fails to be an effective app like Uber, TikTok, and Walmart and so on. To build a successful app, the first thing you need to hire is a well-known app development agency that can integrate a high level of features and help you identify the right audience for the app.