Tools To Improve The Management Of Your Sports Club

Tennis club app and technology illustration

If you run a sports club, we have compiled all the functions you can use in club management software to optimize the management of your sports club and get better results all round!

With the right software, you can perform various actions related to your club in an integrated way, instead of using dozens of different tools.

  • From the same platform, you can easily manage payments, calendar, communication, registrations, database, questionnaires and more.
  • Centralize the management and communication of your sports club with an integrated solution for sports clubs.
  • You can have your own website and a personalized app adapted to the colours and corporate image for your club.
  • Incorporate the modules that you consider appropriate and customize the interface.
  • Athletes can download the club’s personalized app and receive all notifications through it.

And more…

Collection of fees

Charge your athletes one-time payments or subscribe to recurring payments using their credit card. Following the strictest security protocols, the software can charge your athletes periodically, avoiding late fees. Allow members to make payments by direct debit, PayPal and other options.

Collection of punctual payments

With club management software, you can send and receive money through your bank’s app. Receive instant bank transfers without commission safely.

Apps for analyzing the performance of your athletes/members

Analyze videos with graphs on the level of those you see on TV. It allows you to carry out labelling and modelling with interactive graphics and being able to export the clips. You have an unlimited number of analyzes without the need to be connected, working offline.

Forms for your sports club

Create customizable forms and then analyze them by exporting the data to the spreadsheet. With a very simple interface and more than enough functionalities, this feature is ideal for club survey, enrollment analysis.

Manage sports club activities

Want a centralized calendar with reminders for athletes/members? You can have it on your computer or on your mobile. Also share it with other users. It gives you the advantage of integrating it with hundreds of other applications, so if you are skilled, you can make this tool a very powerful ally.

Manage registrations in your sports club

Depending on the volume of registrations, you can manage different plans. With an online registration management tool, you can promote your club/event, make announcements, post classifications and photos.

With a good registration management platform, with multiple functionalities, you can organize everything in a great way

Communication with members

Create custom email lists and groups that allow the distribution of messages among multiple users simultaneously. You only need to have their email and you can publish content for your athletes and they will receive the notification.

Dealing with authorization

Take the hassle out of authorization by signing PDF documents. You can even use the feature on your mobile. You can suggest the parents of athletes use this app to also scan the signed authorizations.

Send questionnaires to your athletes

With this tool, create free online questionnaires, share them and analyze the results live. In addition, you can use templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Athletes database

You can create databases of your athletes in a very simple way. Create the columns that you consider important, and share the spreadsheet with other club managers so that everyone can update it at any time. It offers a multitude of different possibilities.

Preparation and control of training

Training – a multitude of different training sessions divided by categories, training objective and difficulty. Use one of the most used applications by trainers. Focused on individual sports such as triathlon, cycling or running, or team training sessions, you can schedule workouts, link devices, analyze performance and evaluate your athletes. Record activities and monitor progress towards reaching goals.

Online store for sports clubs

With an e-commerce feature, you can customize your store using its templates. You will be able to add your products, manage orders, develop the relationship with buyers and analyze the results afterwards.


You can post your sports project to get financing, with the great advantage of offering different forms of payment. Nobody will have an excuse not to contribute! Facilitate communication between your sports club and private companies that want to sponsor the club. You can categorize your sponsors depending on the operation of your club.


You can use the tool for your club by adapting it a little. Among other functionalities, it offers you the possibility of managing the club’s accounting, controlling billing, cash and expenses; saving time and money! As you can see, several tools incorporated in club management software can make it easier to carry out your day-to-day tasks. Lean on technology to get things done faster, and dedicate your time to what is really important – your club!