Tips for Making Money as an Artist


Contrary to popular opinion, you can make money as an artist and be successful. Brand marketing is possible today, thanks to the technology age. Hence, it invalidates the belief of not making enough as an artist.

If you have been looking for ways your talent can fetch you money, here is a good place. Showcase your work and see how people patronize your services. One main setback to why many artists are not selling their works is because target customers are yet to see the artworks.

This post aims to share the secrets or tips that work for making money as an artist. Before reading till the end, hopefully, you discover the best option for you.

1. Maximize Social Media Platforms

There are several social media platforms where you can showcase your work. You can also use social media Ads to select your preferred audience and get them to engage with your post. However, make sure you post high-quality images that will attract enough followers. It is a good strategy for beginners.

Alongside, tag professionals and use the engaging caption to get them to see and promote your work.

2. Third-party or Personal Advertising

Turn your work on photo prints and either advertise through an established third party or advertise them yourself. One popular way to market is to turn your work on photo prints in public places. You can either place them along a junction, in cafes or restaurants.

Some restaurants may not agree initially, but showing them your best works can motivate them because it would attract customers to the restaurant.

3. Start a Photography/Artistry Blog

On your blog, you can share tips on photography for visiting guests. If you are not an excellent writer, you can share engaging videos, ensuring you communicate your service to your guests.

Also, you can engage your followers on the blog. Share with them your photography experience, making them trust your services more. People believe stories and can be enticed with them. However, do not go out of the board by lying about the services you provide. It is not always favorable in the long run.

4. Partner with Newspapers or Magazines

To partner with newspapers and magazines, you may need to start as a freelance photographer. However, check your local communication or journalist list and confirm if you can supply arts to them and get paid. It may not be a regular gig, but you can be sure to make some money once in a while.

Also, it helps improve your art visibility, as it is another platform for meeting potential customers. As time goes on, you may get your work published with a big platform.

5. Using a Photo Studio

You can take pictures of the client’s in your studio or work as an assistant photographer in another studio if you do not have enough capital to start yours yet. However, you may be lucky to meet client’s that prefer outdoor photoshoots. More so, renting a studio may not be necessary if you do not have the capacity yet.


There are several other tips to make money as an artist. An example is creating a website and building a solid portfolio. However, if you follow the five tips above, you are ready to bang the big bag.