Tijuana’s Top Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing illustration

Tijuana is the most developed city in Baja California, a highly developed infrastructure of Tijuana attracts foreigners to set up business in Tijuana. Many manufacturing companies are working in Tijuana to give access to the global market through seaports, airports, and international highways.

The manufacturing companies provide access to other countries and allow the exportation of products from other countries. If you want to establish a factory in Tijuana, you can apply for the membership of manufacturing companies. The manufacturing companies have built up an excellent and competitive infrastructure of Tijuana throughout the whole world.

The following are the top manufacturing companies in Tijuana that are serving more than 30 years for their clients and are providing the best services.

Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical device manufacturing company has made Tijuana the best and a global medical hub in Mexico. The company is working for more than 30 years. Several other companies are also linked with Medical device manufacturing such as BD, Welch Allyn, and the fishers.

Electronics Manufacturing

A wide range of goods supply and supply chain network is the top service of Electronic manufacturing. It has been established over 50 years ago and providing satisfactory services to their clients.

The electronic components are semiconductors and media pieces of equipment that they use to provide services. In the electronic manufacturing company, the most produce goods are TV and Semiconductors. And the company includes Plantronics, Philips, Foxconn, Samsung, and Panasonic.

Aerospace Manufacturing

The Aerospace manufacturing industry is providing services for more than 40 years. All the manufacturers are highly-experienced and skilled to provide the best services. Due to these experts, the Tijuana has become the fastest growing city in Mexico.

It is well known among other cities due to aerospace products manufacturing. And the industry is working four-times more than all other sectors in this area. Aerospace manufacturing is the biggest industry in the Tijuana area.

Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive manufacturer is providing services in the powerhouse area. The industry is manufacturing the goods that specialize in stamp metal parts. Furthermore, they are producing seat belts, truck chassis, sound speakers, and carbon kits. The electronic sensors manufactured by the Automotive industry have gained the title of top-rated products in Mexico.

Real Estate

The real estate in Tijuana is working with great leasing and land averages in all the fields. The manufacturer of real estate has a 1% more chance to gain nationality than others. The expert manufacturer is available to provide services to foreign companies.

Mexico has been listed among superior trading partners due to these manufacturing companies. If you want to grow your business and raise the capital of your business, you must contact any manufacturing industry that is suitable for your business.


Hopefully, this guide about the manufacturing companies will be helpful for you to grow your business. By a manufacturing company, you can hold a partnership with foreign companies. With just a little effort, you can experience the advantages offered by the top manufacturing companies in Tijuana.