The Most Comprehensive List of Things You Can Sell Online

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In the time of a pandemic, many of us are spending a lot of time at home. Apart from your main job, it is a very good opportunity to earn a quick buck on the side.

But there are things that are not possible to sell online overseas. Or the other things do not seek enough profit. Or some things are difficult to ship.

Below is the list of everything you can sell online. It also includes a list of things you can sell globally from India.

Handmade stuff

Handmade stuff is always liked by people. It is easier to make and a great way to use your creativity as well.

  1. Handmade Clothing
    If you can even make some part of clothing, like stitching, embroidery, or even painting, you can easily team up with other artists and start your own handmade clothing business.
  2. Handmade Showcases
    There are different types of showcases that you can prepare like a ship in a bottle, laces, origami, etc. If you prepare regional art you can sell it easily to art enthusiasts.
  3. Handmade Weaves
    Many women learn how to weave and stitch as children. They can use that art as a way to earn money preparing sweaters, purses, mats, etc.
  4. Handmade Jewellery
    Handmade jewelry is very popular online. You can also learn it online and start your handmade jewelry business online.
  5. Handmade Decorations
    Handmade decorations like lights, torans, wall hangings, etc can be sold online. This is something you sell globally from India.
  6. Handmade Soaps
    Handmade soaps, fragrances, bath bombs, etc can be made and sold. It can easily be learned online and sold anywhere online.
  7. Handmade Candles
    Similar to soaps, candles also can be easily made and shipped online.

    Apart from making handmade stuff, packing, and selling them, we can also make a good profit reselling stuff online. Many companies let you buy things at a wholesale rate and sell them online. It can be a good start for your reseller business.
  8. Clothes
    Clothes are one of the most popular things people buy online. You have so many options to sell clothes and many platforms like websites, social media, etc.
  9. Lingerie
    Lingerie followed by clothes is also a popular category. You can sell lingerie on various platforms as well.
  10. Handbags
    Handbags generate good profits for the seller. They are also easy to stock and ship online. Men’s bags, wallets, travel bags, etc are also a good category
  11. Footwear
    Different types of footwear like shoes, chappals, sneakers, etc can generate good sales online.
  12. Bow Ties
    Bowties and other clothing accessories make a good category to sell online. There are very few people who sell in this category.
    Customized bookmarks, handmade bookmarks, wooden bookmarks, etc are all the categories that you can sell online.
  14. Scarves
    Scarves hats dupattas are good accessories that people use a lot. Hence they are a very popular category.

Ever since the rise of the gifting industry, gifting has become a very popular category to buy online. Customized stuff to sell online is a very popular category. You can sell one of the following categories and earn good profits as customized stuff seeks good profits.

Apart from the purpose of gifting, customized stuff can be sold even for popular fandoms like Marvel, DC, BTS, Harry Potter, etc. This stuff if teamed up with the right company and marketed well can be sold online very easily.

The only problem with customized goods is that they sometimes are seasonal and do not seek business all year round. But if you are looking for a part-time seasonal business it is perfect for you.

Below is the list of popular categories of customized stuff.

  1. Customized Napkins
  2. Customized Key chains
  3. Customized Clothes
  4. Customized Mugs
  5. Customized Pillow covers
  6. Customized Photo frames
  7. Customized Beach towels
  8. Customized T-shirts, Shorts, etc
  9. Customized diaries, notebooks, etc

Talking about gifting items there are some luxury items that seek very good profits. They again are seasonal but give profits during the season.

  1. Sculptures
  2. Flower pots
  3. Clocks
  4. Phone Covers
  5. Perfumes
  6. Skincare products
  7. Makeup Products
  8. Books
  9. Antiques

Selling food globally is difficult because of shipping problems. But there is some form of storable food that can be shipped globally.

  1. Organic Food
    Organic food like turmeric, pulses, and beans are very popular all over the world. They are in demand almost everywhere.
  2. Coffee
    Different types of coffee flavors can be sold not only to individuals but also to small or medium level enterprises.
  3. Tea
    Different types of teas are available that can be sold globally.
  4. Spices
    Spices like turmeric, pepper, black pepper is a very popular category. That is something you can sell globally from India as they can bring huge profits.