The Main Benefits to Amazon’s EC2 Security


EC2 – Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute system which provides very flexible server access which can be set up in a matter of minutes is fast becoming a major force in the computing field, and there’s no doubt that EC2 has a lot to offer. Here we look in more detail at just one aspect of Amazon’s EC2, the main benefits the security of this cloud initiative brings.

Amazon place a lot of emphasis on the benefits of their EC2 system, which include better customer control, more privacy, and a lower than average fee system, and of course, as you’d expect their commitment to all aspects of security is top notch.

Here’s how EC2 customers can expect to benefit.

Your data is completely safe

This is a crucial point for customer confidence, and EC2 users can be confident that with all data being stored in dedicated AWS data centres – all with outstanding levels of security, privacy is not vulnerable to compromise.

All compliance requirements are met

Amazon has millions of business customers who rely on them to protect a lot of sensitive information and to handle it in relation to the relevant laws. As these are subject to change it’s vital that updates are made as soon as they need to be implemented. Customers who have any questions regarding data protection, or any other security concerns, can opt into Enterprise Support and make use of a dedicated technical account manager’s insight and support.

All businesses can benefit

Size isn’t important as whether your business is a small scale start-up, or a huge multi-national, the security offered through the AWS data centres is capable of being scaled to work exactly how you need it. This function offers the added benefit of being able to expand or constrict a company without losing out.

It’s cost effective

Using AWS data centres allows customers to enjoy the very best possible level of security at a fair price.

There’s plenty of expert back up

EC2 customers have direct access to a dedicated AWS advisor, along with support from a technical account manager. The AWS advisor is an online asset which overlooks everything and identifies things such as ways to cut costs, boost performance, and potential security issues. The entire range of things this covers is provided for Business and Enterprise level customers. Meanwhile, the technical account manager provides guidance on things like new features, while helping out with any sudden concerns which may arise. This service is a benefit included in the Enterprise Support package.

The security options are thorough

The benefits of ec2 security packages grew an adapt to suit your needs, and the AWS support team are able to provide all the necessary resources you need to launch, develop and operate in a very efficient and affordable way.

There’s a comprehensive vulnerability reporting system

This includes an email contact address for notifications, or a PGP alternative for those who want to bypass using their own email. There is also a direct contact button for reporting any worries.