The Importance Of Installing CCTV Cameras In Your Place Of Business


You have grown your business into something to be proud of, pouring your blood sweat and tears into it, giving it your very all. Now, after such a tremendous personal investment, you need to protect it! Thieves and robbers are only growing more numerous in these troubled times, and their methods have become more sophisticated. What can you do to keep them from pillaging what you have worked so long and hard to build?

Your commercial grounds have high walls, locks and keypads, and security guards patrolling, but there is still another thing you can do to maintain your edge over the bad guys- install commercial CCTV cameras around your precious holdings so you can see them before they can get in and do any harm! Security may be your number one reason for installing these ‘eyes on the ground’, but there are some other good reasons to have them around which we will discuss below:

The Prevention of Theft and Vandalism – This is the main purpose for which these systems are installed, and with good reason. CCTV cameras are a major deterrent against break-ins, vandalism, and theft. They safeguard both your business’s physical assets as well as intellectual properties such as the files on your computer systems. 

Monitoring in Real-time – Thanks to wireless technology it is now possible to monitor your cameras from wherever you happen to be just by looking at your smartphone display! Reliable property management is made so much easier if everything that happens is recorded. Having 24-hour live footage of your property provides an ironclad record of all that transpires, and gives you real, solid proof of transgressions as opposed to the hazy accounts that are often given by eyewitnesses. 

Indisputable Criminal Evidence – You can catch any perpetrators of misdeeds in the act and red-handed with all the evidence you need to put them away recorded by your cameras. This record of events can be used in a court of law to indisputably prove your case. The question you may ask yourself isn’t “can I afford to install CCTV cameras?”, but “Can I afford not to install CCTV cameras?” They can make all the difference in a bad situation by being your eyes on the ground.

Customer Experience Enhancement- It’s not all about security, the installation of CCTV cameras in retail settings can make your valued customers feel as if you are going out of your way to meet their needs and desires. The business owner can monitor buying behaviours over the live feed, enabling your staff to cater directly to them by offering products and placements based on those observations, giving them a more rewarding purchasing experience as well as inspiring them to spread the word, increasing your traffic and profits. The Australian government has more information on their website as to how you can prevent crime at your place of business. CCTV cameras are one of the best possible things you can do to keep your business safe.