The Importance of Check Printing for Business Owners


Business banking and account management is an essential process for maintaining the financial wellbeing of any business. Business accounts should always be a separate entity from the business owner’s personal accounts, and as a result, they require different checks for payments and transactions. Business check printing services are crucial for projecting and maintaining a professional appearance when making these payments and transactions. Business check printing services are worth considering for all business owners, whether your company is large or small.

Contrary to popular belief, checks are still one of the most important payment methods for personal and professional use. Business checks are often a necessity for payroll when setting up direct deposit is not available. Check printing services are the easiest and most convenient way to get high-security checks for your business. This article will review some of the key features to look for when selecting a check printing service and discuss the differences between business and personal checks.

What Are Business Checks?

Business checks are directly associated with the accounts of the business rather than the accounts of the business owner. In other words, the payor listed in the corner of the check should be the business itself, rather than the name of an employee or business owner. Business checks tend to be larger in physical size when compared with personal checks. Employees of any business without direct deposit set up typically receive salary or payment from a business check.

Personal checks, by comparison, are smaller are have the private address and name listed in the top left corner. These checks are more appropriate for sending money or making a payment at a store. However, personal checks are often less secure than other methods of sending money or making these payments- you may want to consider online methods such as Paypal, Venmo, or Apple Pay instead.

Check Customization

Check printing services for businesses usually feature a few additional customization options that are unavailable for personal checks. First, there should be an option to add a company logo to one corner of the check. Pricing may vary for check printing depending on whether this logo is in color or greyscale. Many check printing companies also offer company-branded watermarks and can provide matching custom envelopes for mailing.

Getting checks with your business logo goes a long way in making payments, rebates, and other transactions from the company account more professional. A high-quality check printing company will allow you to put together the check’s design with templates online and then save the design for the next time you order checks.

Check Security Features

Security is vital for both business and personal checks, but the features available through business check printing should include additional security measures. Business checks should be printed on controlled paper stock, in a larger size than a personal check. There should also be a watermark design visible on the front of the check beneath the memo, signature, and personal information sections.

Other check security features include a chemical wash detection box, which will indicate someone has tampered with or washed the check with bleach or a similar chemical. Thermochromic ink is another important security feature for preventing check tampering- the color of the check will change when exposed to extreme temperatures. Void pantograph technology is also important for keeping your checks secure- these background patterns indicate when the check has been copied or void.

To improve the security of your checks, make sure you are sending the checks in security envelopes, so the associated numbers are not visible from the outside of the envelope. First Class and secure mail is also an option worth considering for many small business owners when mailing checks, so the time the check spends in the mail is low.

Fast Printing Services and Subscription Options

Business check printing services often allow for same-day printing and mailing, which makes running out of checks less of a hassle. Many check printing companies offer business checks through a subscription, so the business owner receives a certain amount of checks each month based on their uses. Most check printing companies also allow you to track your checks while they are in the mail and void them remotely if they get lost in the mail or reach the wrong address.

HIPAA and SOC 2 Certifications

All check printing companies should be certified to handle sensitive information and have a plan for keeping your data secure. PCI certifications, otherwise known as the payment card industry data security standard, are a must. HIPAA certification is crucial for handling medical information, though this may not apply in the context of your business. SOC certification is awarded by a third party that audits the check printing company to make sure they follow standards of confidentiality and data integrity.

Check Printing Software

For businesses that feel comfortable with printing their own checks, there are various software products available to aid this process and keep the checks secure. Check printing software also allows business owners to sign and send checks online, so they are available for direct deposit. Check printing software may not produce the best security features for your checks- be careful when choosing a check printing platform and avoid any check printing software that requires a monthly subscription- this payment model will cost most businesses more in the long run.

Conclusion– The Importance of Check Printing for Business Owners

Professional, high-quality, and secure business checks are essential for any business and come in handy for more than just payroll. Many check printing companies offer customization features so you can upload a business logo, security features beyond those included with personal checks, and same-day printing. Make sure to look into the security certifications before choosing a printing provider to help keep your business secure. Even in 2021, making a payment from a business account is often easiest with a physical check.