The Best New Technology Advancements to Advance Your Business

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Technology advancements are helping many businesses thrive in today’s world. Companies are using the latest technology to stay on top of their competitors. Over the past couple of decades; we have seen innovations in technology that seemed light years away and maybe things we thought were fantasy. This article breaks down some of the best advancements to advance your business. See how companies like Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Ikea, and Google incorporate the newest tech into their business model.

How is Artificial Intelligence Helping Businesses?

When people think of artificial intelligence, the first thing that may come to mind are movies depicting artificially intelligent robots that go haywire and out of control bringing the world to its doom.

In reality, artificial intelligence is being used to help different companies become more efficient. Google has implemented artificial intelligence into their data centers, which has drastically improved its energy efficiency. This AI system works in real time to analyze the system, detect problems within the system and make changes to resolve the problem.

This system uses machine learning and deep learning to understand the problem and keep it from happening again. These artificial intelligent systems work the same way a human brain does, by experience. Deep learning is problem-solving software that identifies patterns to help the system decide the best way to operate.

Coca-cola introduced Cherry Sprite to the world based on AI product analysis. They are also looking into employing a new virtual assistant into its vending machines. Giving customers a personalized experience every time.

Companies have used AI to improve customer experience, detect fraud, and increase its sales. AI can help you with all of these things while you sit back and relax.

Artificial Intelligence is also great for Cybersecurity since the AI system is always on and making sure your business is secure.

Can Augmented Reality Be Used for More Than Gaming?

Augmented reality can be used in many different ways. One of the most recognizable things that augmented reality is used for are apps including Snapchat and Pokémon Go. But certain businesses are wielding the power of AR to advance its business.

Augmented reality is helping the retail industry tremendously. The furniture company, IKEA, has been an early adopter of the technology, testing AR since 2012. Users can use an application to get an idea of how certain pieces of furniture would look in their home. One can see if a certain table or chair is the right fit.

L’Oreal is another company that has taken advantage of AR. And like you may have guessed, users can use the technology to sample how certain brands or makeup and shades of makeup would look them. AR is helping users shop stress-free, which in turn can mean more sales for companies. Retail shops are making it easier to buy items without trying it on or bringing it home first.

On a more serious level, the US Army is using augmented reality to train soldiers. Training with AR can help soldiers distinguish between enemies and civilians.

Edge out the Competition with Edge Computing

Everyone wants and maybe needs faster connections. This is even more so important when it comes to businesses. If your business has a slow website the chances of customers leaving your site is very high. Edge computing can help increase the speed and strength of your connection by adding an additional platform between you and the cloud or data center. Because this platform is physically closer to the user, the data is processed faster because it has a shorter way to travel.

Amazon has been working on applying edge networks to strengthen their business connectivity. Currently and in the future, Edge and the cloud will work together to make connections faster and stronger, which many businesses will benefit from.

Will 5G Networking Change the World?

5G networking will drastically change our connection speeds, and it may just change the world, as we know it. Experts are predicting latency of 1 ms latency and a network 100 times faster than our current cellular connection. It is also predicted that home and business connection will be 10 times faster than our current connections.

If you can recall, the connection difference between 3G to 4G was a very noticeable one. The idea of working remotely from one’s phone seemed like more of a reality. The connection speed seemed more reliable. Now, with 5G expecting to be 100 times faster than our current cellular connection—the way we work from our phones can significantly change again in the next couple of years.

5G will also help the advancement of the Internet of Things. Many of the interconnected devices in your home will get an upgrade due to the new network. This more probably gives a boost to how IoT is implemented. The new 5G network is only in its early stages, but businesses will all benefit from this tremendously.

Working Remotely with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of devices through the Internet. This means one can turn a device on and off through the Internet. This can include everything in your office including coffee makers, lamps, computers, etc. Because of this interconnectivity, IOT can also help businesses in a couple different ways.

Implementing the right IoT devices into your office may actually make working remotely easier. You won’t have to be physically at the office to take care of certain things like inventory and management. Studies suggest remote workers are happier and more productive and more efficient. Technology helps us in many ways than we can imagine. For example, we can use bookmark manager to save all the pages that we might need in future or which we find interesting to read.

Another way IoT can help business is data sharing. All businesses collect and exchange data. IoT has changed the way data is handled. IoT can help access consumer data, and track patterns in the way consumers use their devices. This data can be used to help market and advertise new products to the users


Technology has advanced in many different ways, and some businesses are using it to make their businesses thrive. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Edge Computing, Internet of Things are only a couple recent innovations that companies are taking advantage of. If your company needs a little boost in any way, incorporating one of these advancements can be just what you need.

This article was written by Michael Isberto. Isberto is the Blog Director and a Content Writer for Colocation America. He received his B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Public Relations at CSUSB. Isberto is a Communication professional with additional experience in Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media.