The Benefits of Working with an Art Appraiser


Everyone has a passion of some kind, and collecting art is no stranger to most households who have an appreciation of finely crafted tastes. Hanging art on the walls is one thing, but paintings and sculptures exhibit a sense of value and integrity to those who frequent art auctions and galleries across the world like what you can see in the Napoleon’s Fine Art. Once you know what you prefer and how far that investment will take you, hiring an art appraiser needs to be the next step in assessing the worth of your creative pieces.

What is an Art Appraiser?

Based on the usage of a wide variety of resources, an art appraiser works with art auctions, galleries, and insurance companies to determine the worth of a piece of art. These professionals analyze several types of art as they collaborate with museums and private collectors to bring about a price tag that can reap huge rewards. Some of these appraisers specialize in working solely with sculptures or paintings, while other art professionals gear their focus on appraising art from various eras in history.

In essence, an art appraiser must be a disinterested third party, provide objective information to their clients, and have an education that reflects their expertise. A few detailed examples of what an art appraiser does includes the following:

  • Assess the worth of a piece of art based on research
  • Determine the value of a painting by studying brush strokes, color, and style
  • Might be asked by clients whether a specific piece of art is a fraud or forged

As with most demanding professions, an art appraiser does need educational requirements to prove their skills. Most have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or take extra classes on the side in fine arts and art history that zero in on the unique techniques of art and specific studies of various art mediums.

What are the Benefits of Working with an Appraiser?

Being a qualified art appraiser shows your clients not only your experience and know-how in valuing the art itself, but the profession also legal and ethical issues as well. You’ll need to be fully compliant with the requirements created by the Appraisal Standards Board, which enacts uniform standards in assessing art pieces and having the licensure and regulatory measures to do so. 

Determining the fair market value for a piece of art translates into trusting your appraiser and the research they’ve done to reach a monetary decision. When you’re ready to hire an art professional, here are the benefits of making the choice:

 1. Insurance – For insurance purposes and to maintain the safety of your collectibles, the insurance companies rely on the financial market estimate of your artwork before insuring them or reaching a settlement on premiums. The art appraiser fills out a report geared directly for your insurance company, which then gives the insurer the tools they need to conduct their evaluation.

 2. For Estate Purposes – When the time comes to divide your estate based on what your will outlines, an art appraiser is a top choice for assessing you’re fine collectibles before you divvy everything up amongst your dependents. Knowing the market value of your art makes it easier for your loved ones to determine whether they want to keep the artwork or sell it at an auction.

 3. Buying and Selling – If you want to make a living out of buying and selling fine art, having the seal of approval by a trusted art professional will mean the difference between earning a large sum of money or trading in your piece of art that isn’t worth much. An appraiser helps to keep your business on the up and up and helps you receive the fair market value.

 4. Divorce – Things can get ugly when it’s time to split up assets in a divorce, yet hiring an art appraiser assists in identifying the financial value of your artwork when it comes time to know who gets what. Peacefully dividing art is the goal, and with a professionally appraised piece of work, the market value becomes more glaring.

In Summary  By having an intrinsic and monetary value, art can be worth your weight in gold. The key is to know when to hire an appraiser and how they can benefit your overall livelihood. While the process isn’t entirely straightforward, through their research, education, and diligence, you’ll receive a proper estimate of your hard-earned collectibles.


Having possession of what you love is an achievement but keeping it alive forever is a love toward it. If you love the art and want to keep it in front of you forever on your walls, try gallery picture hanging systems that ensure the safety and integrity of your art.