Tether Casino Bonus Guide: Everything You Should Know

Tether Casino

Cryptocurrency had come a long way since 2009, when Bitcoin was introduced. Much development has gone on in the cryptocurrency scene, with it being accepted on online betting sites. However, the unstable nature of most cryptocurrencies is a hiccup that remains, leading to the rise of Tether casinos

If you’ve never played at a Tether Casino, you’ll never understand the benefits of playing in one. Nonetheless, this guide would benefit punters who want to try them out.

What are Tether Casinos exactly?

Tether Casinos are betting sites that accept the Tether coin (USDT). There’s been tremendous development in the cryptocurrency scene, which has led to various cryptocurrencies’ development. The Tether coin (recognized by its symbol, USDT) results from one of these developments.

What is the USDT?

Although all digital currencies try to one-up one another, the USDT is unique even among other cryptocurrencies. This digital currency is unique because it’s tied to the US dollar. This characteristic also enables it to achieve the stability most digital currencies seek. 

The value of the USDT is tied to the United States (US) dollar, which means 1 dollar equals 1 USDT. Some people also refer to this digital currency as a Stablecoin because of this 1:1 conversion mechanism. The digital currency is also locked at this conversion ratio and is expected to remain this way.

It’s believed that the USDT is meant to mirror the US dollar on a blockchain. Besides this, unlike other cryptocurrencies, this digital currency is also considered a fiat currency. 

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are more like investments, the USDT is a legal tender. This property is one of the reasons why most punters prefer it on cryptocurrency betting sites.

Steps to start playing at Tether Casinos

Tether betting is an initiative gaining worldwide appeal, with Tether casinos becoming a favorite among online pikers. Nonetheless, many people are interested in the benefits of Tether betting sites but have no idea how to start. If you’re one of such individuals, you could follow the steps below to set yourself up for Tether betting.

Purchase some Tether Tokens

Although USDT isn’t the only digital currency accepted at most Tether casinos, you’ll need them for Tether betting. So the first step in betting at such casinos is to own some USDT of your own.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, this digital currency can be purchased at a cryptocurrency exchange. So, you only need to visit a reputable exchange and use some US dollars or cryptocurrency to exchange for USDT.

Store your USDT

You can transfer them to your wallet if you’ve already got a cryptocurrency wallet. If you don’t, you can always create one since it’s easy and free. You can also opt for a hardware wallet if you believe online wallets are insecure.

Choose a Tether Casino

This step is the most delicate as it could make or mar your Tether betting experience. Therefore, unless you have a few reputable casinos in mind, you should use the guide below when selecting.

  • Ensure that the online casino accepts USDT: Although many online casinos are now accepting cryptocurrency bets, not all of them accept USDT. There are even some cryptocurrency betting sites that don’t regard Tether as a real digital currency. So, you should ensure that the casino you’re going for accepts USDT.
  • Ensure that the site is secure: Although this is a no-brainer, not all punters know that online scams are a thing. There have been instances where ATM pins, email addresses, and other valuable information have been stolen via gaming platforms.

So, you should always go through a new site to determine if it’s protected by a reputable agency like Cloudflare. This information is usually written at the bottom of the website or on its “Terms and Conditions” page. Better yet, you could always go online to browse the website.

  • Go through the reviews of the website: Although some Tether betting sites may be legit, that doesn’t mean you are going to enjoy them. So, instead of visiting a website and regretting it, search for online reviews on that website. You could get some from reputable websites like Trustpilot.
  • Go through the games list: The Tether betting experience allows you to enjoy cryptocurrency betting with a Stablecoin. However, the games they offer remain the same in most cases. Therefore, you should find out if the betting site you’ll be visiting offers your preferred games.
  • Find out if your country is restricted: While this happens less in modern times, there are cases where some online casinos ban players from specific countries. Hence, it would be prudent to ensure that your country is accepted before playing at that casino.
  • Find out if they offer any bonuses: Although I wouldn’t call this a deal-breaker, it’s a benefit that’s always acceptable. Who wouldn’t like to go to a casino that offers welcome bonuses to all new customers?

Create an account at the casino and transfer your USDT

After choosing the Tether casino you want, you should open an account with them. You can then transfer your USDT to the casino when you’re done with this. This allows you to access your USDT when you’re about to make a wager on any game.

Pros and Cons of Tether Casinos

Although Tether casinos offer a mountain of benefits, that doesn’t mean they’re free of all caveats. Below are the pros and cons of such casinos:

Pros of Tether Casinos

  • Tether casinos boast of fast transaction times.
  • Tether casinos provide players with confidence in the value of their wins.
  • These casinos offer lots of bonuses.
  • Low transaction fees.

Cons of Tether Casinos

  • Tether betting is limited since there are not a lot of online casino games that accept it.
  • Unlike other decentralized cryptocurrencies, Tether is a centralized coin. 


With this guide, you can be assured that you’ll have an enjoyable Tether betting experience. Although Tether betting is still in its infancy, there’s no reason to miss out on a stable gaming experience.