Emerging Technology Trends in Gaming Industry


Which of today’s gaming technology will shape tomorrow’s gaming world? Today, we can experience some of the breakthrough innovations that are expected to radically impact the global gaming industry. We have seen, seeing and expected to see the rapid pace of human innovation in the gaming industry which offers a glimpse into what our future games will look like.

Making the list involves more than what we are experiencing today. The emerging technologies in the gaming industry must positively disrupt the existing gaming experience and expect to achieve a considerable scale within a period. For instance entertainment and gaming experience value are particularly vital to players who like betting small amounts such and for those who love low-risk gambling and loads of fun, Therefore sites that accept $5 deposits as minimum amounts are the ideal choice.

These are the top 8 emerging technologies in the gaming industry:

Artificial Intelligence – In the transit

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest technological innovation that has changed the gaming experience for human players. This technology made the games smarter where bots play with human players without making them feel that they are playing with bots. AI is not just a buzzword today but the technology in transit and being used massively in modern games. This doesn’t just apply to the gaming world either, there are companies such as Paragon Revenue Group that have begun utilising AI to increase profits.

AR & VR – In the play

As we look forward to the gaming future, we can already see Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality coming onto our gaming screens. From indoor video games to gaming apps, we are experiencing this technology on our gaming screens. Gamers can even visit VR Chat rooms to play specific games together in virtual reality.

Cloud Gaming – In the play

A huge investment in hardware was the main pain points of gamers when it comes to high-quality gaming. Conventionally, one has to buy those expensive hardware products to play high-quality games. Cloud Gaming has solved the problem of millions by making high-end games accessible on your web browsers. The only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection. Companies like Google and Microsoft have already entered into the cloud gaming space.

Facial Recognition – Coming next

Facial recognition? Yes, you read it right. Gaming companies have started testing this technology in the gaming space. Soon, you will play games where your game console will read your facial expression and will help you in many ways.  

Virtual Team Mates – Online gaming

Days are gone where we people used to play our online games with computer programs. It’s the era of multiplayer games. Thanks to the evolution of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), online gaming has become an entirely different experience today. Now, people are playing online games like PubG,  and many more with their real friends. 

Graphics – Virtual world, as real as the real world

Yes, you read it right. The virtual world in games is as real as the real world and the credit goes to graphics technology which has changed beyond all recognition today. 3D designing and VFX has changed the way we people used to see our games. Today our gaming environment and characters look as real as our real world. Thanks for this awesome technology in gaming space to enhance our gaming experience. 

Portability – Gaming tablets in your hands

Gaming is no more desk-bound fun. In the era of portability where we people are obsessed with portable devices, how could we compromise with gaming? As a result, Gaming consoles were miniaturized and made easily transportable with the help of gaming tablets. Now enjoy your favorite games any time anywhere with your portable gaming tablets.

Gaming Apps – The era of smartphones

Mobile phones are not just a medium of telecommunications but a powerful portable computer. It’s not just being used for browsing and telecommunication but allows you to do almost everything you can do with your computer. Today’s smartphones are making gaming both ubiquitous and accessible. These phones allow you to download games and play them anywhere you want.