Technology Trends in Gambling Apps

Mobile illustration

Over 60% of gamblers play games online at online casinos using a smartphone. Many of them use apps to be presented with the games, to have the entire casino on their screen, and also to use banking options. The popularity of gambling apps is impressive and it has been growing for a few years now. It isn’t hard to deduce that new apps are better than ever before, they are more sophisticated and they are more versatile. Here are a few trends you can see in most apps of this type.

Ultimate graphics

Here we have the first and the most impressive trend. Almost all apps these days come with HD graphics. This refers to the games, to the streaming when you play live casino games, and to the overall experience. There are no small resolutions that made mobile gambling look obsolete a few years ago.

If we take a look at the new Smartphone 11, we can see the screen resolution is 1792 x 828 pixels. Most games use a similar or even higher resolution. Overall gambling looks spectacular.

We must add that modern apps come with intuitive and sophisticated design. They are easy to use and they are highly responsive. Many gamblers have been using the apps due to these very reason. They are advanced and they look great, period. Last but not least, this applies to almost all apps you can find and download today to scratch and win online or bet on your favourite team.

Cryptocurrencies are usually accepted

One of the most common trends in the gambling industry is the presence of cryptocurrencies. A while back, you had to use your PC to fund the account using this type of currency. Today, you don’t have to do that. You can make deposits and even withdraw funds within the app. Usually, all main cryptocurrencies are supported. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

Funding your account via a mobile app is extremely easy. You already have an e-wallet on your device and you already have funds there. It feels more natural to deposit the funds via an app than to use a computer, log in to your e-wallet and follow several steps.

Try to remember that this trend is determined by the online casino. In order to be able to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies via an app, an online casino must support this option. Luckily, many new and almost all older casinos do accept these currencies and new ones are adding the improvement as we speak.

Gamblers can play live casino games

You probably remember the old days when you could play slots only via casino apps. No other games were supported. Today, the situation is different. Gamblers can enjoy live casino apps within their smartphone easier than ever before. They are played in the same way as any other casino game. There is one major difference. We did mention that apps use HD graphics these days. What this means is that you need high-speed internet connection to stream or play the games easily. Using the 5G is probably the best option. With the speed of 20 Gbps, this network will provide amazing gambling that cannot be compared to any other form.

The number of live casino games you can play at online casinos varies. Typically you can find around 10 or 20 on an app. Some casinos offer over 80 of them. What’s interesting is that all live casino games are streamed from high-end suits and hosted by professional dealers.

Live casino games are extremal popular these days. They are a mixture of online casino games and the ones we can see at mortar casinos. Gamblers get the same feeling but from the comfort of their home. That’s why this trend will likely be even more pronounced in the near future.

Biometric login (for supported devices)

The trend we can see here is still new. For some gamblers, it is even unavailable. Biometric login is provided in some apps developed for iOS devices. In a nutshell, it allows you to use the face ID scanning process on your Apple device to confirm your identity and to log in to your account. The technology is extremely safe and reliable.

Some apps do have an alternative. They offer a fingerprint scanner. This is usually available for Android smartphones. As you may know, Apple devices use Face ID while Android smartphones mostly use a fingerprint scanner. Yes, there are units with Face ID (not the same as Apple uses) present. Why this tech is so important? It finally can eliminate the risk of accessing the balance on your casino account. Thieves won’t be possible to gain access to the account ever. In the near future, we can see that this tech can be used for account verification. You won’t have to wait 24-72 hours or a few weeks, to verify your account and be ready for withdrawals. The process will take a few seconds and your account will be 100% protected at all times.